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We all remember these first fine words spoken by Neil Armstrong as he was the first person to leave a foot’s impression on the dusty surface of the moon.
It was a sad moment in the hearts of not only Americans, but worldwide, to hear of his passing on Saturday, August 25, 2012 at age 82. He had bypass surgery and was recovering well, but died due to “complications resulting from cardiovascular procedures,” according to his family.

Many accounts of the patch of grass situated in the middle of our campus bring to mind William James’ description of an ineffable religious experience: Often those writing about the Grove contest that the experience cannot be properly put into words.

Before Isaac set his course to drench North Mississippi, there was supposed to be a protest of the University’s new smoking ban in the Grove today. Smokers and nonsmokers alike have RSVPed to the facebook event, which states in the description that “[t]his isn’t about smokers versus non smokers. It’s about freedom and personal responsibility.”

With the Republican National Convention about to get underway, the burning question for CNN right now is: How does the 24-hour cable news network recover from, what a story in the L.A. Times calls, “one of the worst crises in its 32-year existence?”

A college campus can be a daunting, overwhelming setting. This can be extrapolated to an unimaginable magnitude if a student comes here knowing absolutely no one. With that in mind, I would like to stress the obligation upperclassmen have to reach out to underclassmen.

Aside from the green line, pedestrians and cyclists face many difficulties crossing Highway 6. With a growing number of students living south along Old Taylor Road, the lack of a suitable crossing point on either of the nearby overpasses (Old Taylor and Coliseum Drive) places pedestrians and cyclists to face either of the bridges and the dangers therein.
The difficulty is that this stretch across the bridge leaves a paltry space between the pedestrian and a thirty-foot drop down to Highway 6.

My parents are divorced. They have been since I was a baby, so my earliest memories are of the house my mom and I lived in. It was very small and located in rural Mississippi. The name of the community is Sylvarena, but odds are you have no idea where that is.  

Last week marked Augusta National Golf Club’s admittance of its first two female members: former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and investment banker Darla Moore. The club’s policy change is undoubtedly long overdue, a fact echoed in the majority of the press coverage surrounding the announcement. More interesting than the inclusion of women is the background of the women chosen for membership. 

Everyone’s heard the often-used, frequently adapted phrase “keep calm and carry on.” With a crazy and hectic fall semester ahead, I have to recall this catchy cliche. In fact, we would probably all do well to remember it. 

When Ronald Reagan ran for president he asked Americans if they were better off than they were four years ago. Americans can answer that question for themselves this time around. The Republican Party poses a much more urgent question this election cycle: How much worse will you be in four years if Barack Obama still resides in the White House?
Believe whatever you want about Mitt Romney, but Paul Ryan is the smartest choice for vice president in nearly 60 years.

“If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut the whole thing down.”

American Idol’s newest judge, Mariah Carey, was supposedly picked for her “star power.” She is a Grammy-winning entertainer and has been touted as having had more number one hits in the U.S. than any other solo artist. That’s pretty impressive. Yet, for the life of me, I seem to recall all that happening in the 1990s.

While heading home on Hwy 55, I heard a rap lyric that resonated with me so strongly I decided to write about it. Here’s how it goes: “Family is everything, and money is less important.” For those of you that may be unfamiliar with the lyric, it’s from Wale’s song “Ambition.”

An article about freshman enrollment on the front page of the June 6 Daily Mississippian contained misleading information.

It’s been 236 years since we told Mother England to have her tea and crumpets without us and Congress approved the final official document that became our Declaration of Independence.

If most of us were to publish our autobiographies right now, it is highly unlikely they would sell millions of copies and be featured on the New York Times' Best Sellers list. However, I firmly believe that everyone has a story worth sharing.