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Articles in "Opinion"

Open Letter to Coach Freeze:

When I saw you had spoken about the events on last Tuesday evening on campus, I was hopeful to see our head coach take the opportunity to condemn those actions/thoughts/words.
Unfortunately, you took the opportunity to condemn student media and the misuse of the word “riot.”
Maybe you were worried it would affect football recruiting. Don’t you think saying “hateful and racist speech is NOT acceptable and here’s what I plan to do about it” would speak volumes to potential student athletes?

Dear Editor,

I would like to say that the events of last week with the race riots and racial slurs spoken in response to the re-election of President Barack Obama were a painful reminder of one thing: Racism still exist.  I know, being a native Mississippian, that racism still exist there, but for it to happen at Ole Miss is just downright sickening.

Dear Editor,

Anyone from Mississippi knows how difficult it is to reconcile different aspects of Mississippi’s identity.  Our state is home to brilliant authors and businesspeople, but is mired in poverty.  We are the most hospitable, giving state in the Union, but our state is more recognized for its latent racism.