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According to a Nov. 12 press release from the Colonel Reb Foundation, the student who dresses up as Colonel Reb and has attended games since the banning of the mascot from the sidelines in 2003 was barred entry to the Northern Arizona game, the Tennessee game and this week’s basketball games.

We have lots of major problems in the world, but for one week every fall they all pale in comparison to those three despised letters: LSU.

Tuesday’s Daily Mississippian featured a letter to the editor by Dr. Eric Weber regarding the Interstate Commerce Clause and its relevance to the current national health care debate.

In 2008, Americans elected a Democratic president and vice-president, elected 57 Democratic Senators (plus two independents who caucus with the Democrats, and Arlen Specter, who switched parties earlier this year), and a sizable Democratic majority in the House of Representatives.

President Obama’s recent bow to Japanese Emperor Akihito is nothing more than disgraceful.

With the holiday season approaching, it’s all too easy to find ourselves daydreaming in class about the promise of the holidays and the excitement they bring year after year, which is understandable - sort of.

Racism and Mississippi have a relationship that has unfortunately been deemed unbreakable in the minds of those over a certain age.

Justin Head argued in Friday’s DM that the Congress has no right to pass healthcare reform, such as one that includes a public option, since it was not one of the powers that the Constitution granted to Congress.

First, as a student and later as an alumnus of the University of Mississippi, I have repeatedly been bewildered at the insistence of various persons in promoting the rise of a controversy where none previously existed and none should exist.

When Barack Obama was elected president of the United States on Nov. 4, 2008,
the world cheered.

“The South will rise again.”

For these five words, four are even better: “That’s what she said.”

As Ole Miss students, we certainly like to cling to our stereotype of “Southern class and hospitality,” but, as Saturday’s game against Tennessee proved, tailgating and pearls do not a Southern gentlemen/belle make

Nationally and locally, political correctness has been a damaging factor to society.

The Mississippi Whit Knights of the Ku Klux Klan will “march on the campus in upcoming weeks” in protest of the removal of the song “From Dixie With Love,” according to the Oxford Eagle, and supposedly, they will be in “full robes and hoods” during their protest.

With the recent FDWL debacle I have begun thinking about the power of political correctness.

For years, this country has had an obsession with being racially sensitive.

Most people live day to day, monitoring every little word that comes out of their mouth fearing they might offend someone.

The number of parking spots on this campus is ridiculously limited.

By listening to the current political debates in this country, one would believe that America has turned into a forest of wolves.

Shacking is a term for a guy or girl that spends the night at someone’s house, messes around and leaves the next morning.

It shocks me that Wednesday was Veterans’ Day and the only acknowledgment I saw on campus was the sign on the Post Office’s security screen informing me its office was closed in observation of this holiday.

Moments after The Daily Mississippian published the first headline about Chancellor Dan Jones’ decision to ask the Ole Miss Band to stop playing “From Dixie with Love,” comments began flooding in opining about all sides of the issue. Some praised the decision. Others vehemently opposed it.

In Friday’s paper, the complete lack of perspective and reason was exemplified by placing the news of the horrid shooting at Fort Hood on page 8.

The cover story of Friday, November 6th’s Daily Mississippian was an irresponsible piece of unbridled propaganda.

Just as Rush Limbaugh has been labeled the “titular head of the Republican Party,” I have seemingly been labeled the “titular head” of the conservative opinion staff by my colleague, Brennan Breeland.

According to the Office of the Chancellor, the last part of the No. 1 goal for 2010 is “be a good citizen.”