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I wrote a short blog entry about the hiring of Ole Miss' new offensive coordinator, David Lee, a few days ago, and on Wednesday even more news surfaced about changes to the Rebels' coaching staff. 

After much speculation on whether or not Ole Miss football coach Houston Nutt would shake up his staff following the Rebels' 4-8, 1-7 SEC 2010 season, a significant hiring was made early Monday evening. 

After a rumor-laden Sunday afternoon, Ole Miss football coach Houston Nutt took to the podium at his regularly-scheduled Monday press conference and shot down rumors that he was leaving the Rebel football program.

In April of last year, Jason Smith, last year’s sports editor, and I wrote ran column that ran online in regard to Ole Miss sweeping LSU in all of the three major sports (college football, basketball and baseball).

There are many reasons that I absolutely love college football – the school pride, the passion, the fact that option football is still prevalent in the college ranks and of course the rivalries. Here in Mississippi, we have a pretty damn good rivalry in the Egg Bowl. Each November, Ole Miss and Mississippi square off in a battle royale that determines bragging rights that are exercised everywhere from fifth-grade playgrounds to the water coolers of high-brow Jackson law firms.

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“We might not win em all, but we’ve never lost a party.”


Following the loss to Jacksonville State I was presented with that statement as a friend helped himself to another drink. To be honest I wanted a drink or two myself, primarily to forget the sting of a loss to a non-Division I team. But that exclamation really stuck with me because it echoed an attitude that has been present in the Ole Miss fanbase since possibly the end of the John Vaught era. 

Welcome back, Rebels. Whether you’re a freshman or would rather not admit how long it’s taking you to graduate, we hope there’s something that you can take with you from this newspaper. This particular issue is the back-to-school guide, but we hope that there’s something in The Daily Mississippian every day that is of interest to you and to your peers as we cover every aspect of University of Mississippi life-- that means you, our readers, and the people that surround you.

In today's opinion section, a cartoon by Matthew King got some response. The response that we received within The Daily Mississippian was minimal-however: only seven responses.