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_____ of the Week

"Tree" of the Week. 



  This is the third entry in a new feature here atthedmonline.com, the "[Fill in the Blank] of the Week." It's an opportunity for us to highlightpeople, places or things that are part of the OleMiss experience.

We hope you'll share some of your ideas with us so we can decide what we should highlight next!


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Courtesy UM Landscape Services

This week, we highlight the treee of the week. One of the most well known places on campus is the tree that sits right outside the student union. Many students say that they have sat on and around the tree, daily.
A Champion Tree is one that is judged to be the largest of its species according to a standard measuring formula. This formula is a point system based on trunk circumference (in inches measured at 41/2 feet) + Height (in feet) + 1/4 Average Crown Spread (in feet)
Circumference (inches) + Height (feet) + 1/4 Average Crown Spread = Total Points
Facts about the tree:
Tree type: Northern Catalpa
Catalpa speciosa
Location: Next to Student Union                
For more information about the landscape services, click here.