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______ of the Week


This is the second entry in a new feature here at thedmonline.com, the "[Fill in the Blank] of the Week." It's an opportunity for us to highlight people, places or things that are part of the Ole Miss experience. 

We hope you'll share some of your ideas with us so we can decide what we should highlight next!


This week, the place that we want to highlight is the Grove . The stage has served as the place where the Ole Miss band plays their pregame tunes, has been the setting for concerts for stars like the Zac Brown Band and Soulja Boy.

On most days, though, the Grove stage serves as a cool place for friends to hang out. And as we sit on the cusp of autumn, it serves as one of the best places to take in the changing of the seasons. It also works as a great place for friends to throw a frisbee or just take a load off between classes. 


For more information about the trees that are in the Grove, click here:


For a calendar of what plants will be in the Grove, click here.