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Stay safe during spring break

Today is the last day of classes for Ole Miss students before spring break begins. According to travel writer Kathleen Crislip, approximately 1 million students will be out of school for spring break during the week of March 12.  Many of those 1 million plan to travel. If you are one of them, there are several things you can do to protect yourself and your residence. 

Safespringbreak.org has many helpful safety tips for traveling students. Some of them include: always travel in a group while in an unfamiliar area, make sure someone is awake at all times to keep the driver company on a road trip and alwayskeep your hotel door locked. You can read the rest of the tips here.

The site also features links to tools, like the B4Udrink site and app, which estimates your Blood Alcohol Concentration based on your gender, weight and drink selection.

Oxford Chief of Police Michael Martin also has some tips for protecting your property while on vacation. In an interview held the week before sprink break of 2011, he said that students should take small, expensive items such as laptops or game consoles with them or secure them in a safe place. He recommended that students stop their mail so a stack doesn't pile up and "give away the fact that no one is home." Martin also said, "It never hurts to have a friend stop by your place at least once to make it look lived in."

Stay safe and have a wonderful spring break!