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Preseason Football — Upperclassmen Report


Houston Nutt met with members of media Thursday afternoon to discuss the arrival of the upperclassmen in preparation for camp, which is set to begin tomorrow afternoon at 4:30.

Nutt said that monitoring the heat during practice would be a big concern. Nutt mentioned the option of the first half of practice being outside and then moving second half into the Indoor Practice Facility. Other options mentioned were moving practice to early in the morning or at night.

There is no time table set on when they will decide on a starting quarterback, Nutt said, but he added that he would like to know after the first 10 days of practice.

In the event the junior Randall Mackey does not win the starting quarterback job, Nutt said he does not see a situation where Mackey would switch positions.

Nutt said that senior cornerback Marcus Temple and junior linebacker Joel Kight, both of whom missed parts of spring practice, are completely healed and are ready to go for fall practice.

Senior defensive end Kentrell Lockett, however, is “very close to 100%, but we're going to be very smart with him,” Nutt said.

Junior linebacker D.T. Shackelford is not expected to be back soon, but Nutt said if there was anybody that could recover from an injury quickly and get back on the field, it would be Shackelford.

Nutt said everybody looks great physically and that head football strength coach Don Decker did a great job. In particular, this offseason, Decker and the team worked some outside, which will help them be somewhat accustomed to the heat.

The accountability check set up for the players during the spring proved to be a plus, Nutt said. Each teammate held their partner accountable on various aspects of being a student athlete, including schoolwork, tutor work, the weight room, and running and practice. The players didn’t want to let the other down, he said. Nutt plans on continuing this through the year and into the future.