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Ole Miss Student Impresses President Obama

“I just can’t wrap my mind around what I was a part of.”

Those are the words of Ole Miss student Lauryn DuValle who still can't believe she deserves part of the credit for President Barack Obama's visit to Memphis on Monday.

He was there to deliver the keynote address for 155 graduating seniors from Booker T. Washington (BTW) High School.  

On April 8, DuValle got a phone call from MTV-U. They asked her if she wanted to be a college mentor, helping BTW produce a video for the the “Race to the Top Commencement Challenge.”  The national winner would host a presidential commencement speech.

“Of course I said yes,” DuValle said with a laugh.  

After hours of prep, ten hours of production and finally post-production editing, the BTW video submission was ready for judging against hundreds of entries nationwide.

“Then Obama himself picked the winning video! That was the most flattering part," DuValle said. "I know we worked so hard, and the fact that he actually felt what we were saying, that was the point. We wanted people to feel what we were saying.”

Lauryn hopes for a reunion with the graduates that starred in the video, and wants to give them a hug.

 “And seeing the kids walk (at graduation), that is what touched me. Because they didn’t even think they would be able to walk a few years ago. They have so much faith in themselves now."