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New Oxford High School could cost more

The new Oxford High School facility is expected to cost more than the original $30 million approved by voters in 2010.
“As the project goes, we needed to add something we didn’t think about in the beginning,” said Brian Harvey, interim superintendent of the Oxford School District. “We’ll know the exact cost of overrun on March 1, when the bids come in.”
As initially presented, the facility could cost as much as $37.5 million while the basics could come in at $31.6 million.
Once the bids come back, school officials will decide which expenses to cut.
Bids will be accepted for each of eight school segments.
“These structures are five academic buildings, gymnasium, cafeteria and fine arts center,” said Oxford High School Principal Michael Martin. “Within these four there are certain parts, which they may choose to build or not to build, but the academic buildings should be completed for sure.”