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Live Game Blog: Ole Miss vs. Vanderbilt


Good Morning everyone,

Welcome to the Ole Miss vs. Vanderbilt live blog. I will be providing constant updates throughout the game. We will also be answering questions as they come in. You can ask us questions through Twitter or through a comment on the blog

If you are away from a computer you can follow us on Twitter @thedm_sports

3:52 pm

As I watched what may have been the worst performance by an Ole Miss Rebel football team in my life, I realized I was going through the Kubler-Ross's Five Stages of Grief. Funny enough they match each quarter (the fifth stage representing the post-game.)

First came Denial. I kept telling myself that it was going to be ok. That each time our offensive line allowed another first team all-academic lineman to slide on through and disrupt our plays that we would eventually be able to turn it around and methodically move the ball down the field like a mountainous offensve line should.

That was followed by Anger. In my mind creating any scenario where I would be given a chance to scream at our coaching staff, mostly attacking their mental acuity, mother's profession and questioning their manhood. Shouting at Zack Stoudt, mostly to inform him that he missed his optometrist appointment this past week.

After that came bargaining. I told God that I really haven't fallen that far from the church and that I would start waking up early on Sundays to start going to back to church again. Not only that, but I would give up my bank account, laptop, car, new bike (he would have to fix the seat) and cell phone. I'm keeping my jersey collection.

Then came depression. This mostly involved crying. How am I going to face my friends now? I can't go back home to Alabama, where the last two National Champions play football. I can't go visit my friends in Louisiana, Arkansas and I certainly can't visit my sister in Tennessee. I can't even watch football anymore. I'm just going to lock myself up in my room and never come out.

Finally I just accepted it all. Hey I lived through the Orgeron years. It was tough and really opened me up to the world of bitterness. But I made it through. Besides, basketball season is coming soon, and I am really excited about what we are bringing to the table this year. Right after that is Christmas and Baseball season. Soon this will all be forgotten. After seeing how shaken Houston Nutt was after the game, I advise he do the same thing. It's hard to search for a new home when you can't think straight.

Good game Vandy, and thanks for raising the conferences academic scores.

2:02 pm

Vandy is beating us the way we should have beaten Jacksonville State.

For those of you not watching the game here is what you are missing. Randall Mackey drops back to pass. Randall Mackey runs. Three straight plays of that. Then Tyler Campbell punts. Then our defense tries to muster up some excitement but reality sets in around down two or three. Every so often Zack Stoudt comes in to take another beating and throw another pick.

Auburn is down 11 in the fourth quarter? I wonder if I can find a radio up here.

1:43 pm

I cannot imagine how Houston Nutt keeps his job after today. Our offense is so bad that down talking them would be like beating a dead horse. But they continue to beat themselves every time they are on the field. Vanderbilt's defensive line coach may be the only person having a hard time on the 'Dores sidelines because I'm sure every Vandy DL is nagging him to get on the field.

I can't tell if our defense not playing well or if they are just as deflated as the rest of the Rebel Nation. Regardless, this game is so painful it's exhausting. The worst thing about this game is that I cannot change the channel.

What's the score of the Auburn-Clemson game?

1:14 pm

The fun continues for the Rebels, on the third play of the second half A.J. Hawkins snaps the ball over Stoudt's head and into the endzone. Jeff Scott kicked the ball out of the back of the endzone to keep the Commodores from scoring another touchdown.

This is getting bad. It pains me to write this but we look worse than the Orgeron years. -sigh-

12:46 pm

I sure hope the rest of you have better things to do then watch this miserable excuse for a football team. The Rebs are down 21-0 after a Jerron Seymour 9-yard touchdown run. Stoudt finishes the half with 3 interceptions and the offensive line could not have looked any worse.

Heading into the locker room Vanderbilt looks like a team inspired, while the Rebels have their tails tucked between their legs. Playing in a high school stadium, we continue to look like a high school team.

Go watch up Auburn vs. Clemson. I hear they play football over there.

12:33 pm

Our offensive line received a lot of hype heading into this season, yet they continue to play like the worst in the SEC. Four penalties, three by pre-season all-sec LT Bradley Sowell, and now Vanderbilt is getting pressure on Stoudt everytime he drops back to pass. Not that it would help Stoudt, he is doing his best Jevan Snead impression right now.

12:23 pm

Vandy just scored. They are beginning to wear down our defense, which is spending way too much time on the field....again. Our offense needs a good drive here.


Vanderbilt has found a way to move the ball on our defense. Penalties and trick plays. And it has them in our territory yet again. The defense has held so far, can't ask them to pitch a shut out.

12:13 pm

The Rebels offensive line continues to struggle. Getting beat up front, and three penalties in the first half.

As a whole this game is beginning to look an awful lot like the BYU game. If you don't like offense then stay tuned.


If the offenses keep up this blazing pace, neither will top 210 yards of offense for the game.

11:48 am

Vandy's offense is having a little bit of success right now. Defense hasn't given anything up yet, but all three of Vandy's drives have seen the Rebels' side of the 50

11:37 am

Through two drives the Rebels have attacked downfield through the air. Unsuccessful thus far, but different from hte usualoffensive gameplan. Bolden is being used more of a third-down type of runningback, with Jeff Scott getting the majority of the carries.

Defensively Brassell is getting good playing time in the secondary and doing a good job so far. CJ Johnson is being used in blitz packages, which seem to be working. The Rebels have already picked up two sacks and forced a bad pass with the pressure they are bringing.

11:27 am

Vanderbilt moved the ball early, but the Rebel defense stood tall forcing a punt. Nick Brassell, highly touted WR is playing in the defensive backfield.

The teams are warming up on the field right now, and both Brandon Bolden and Enrique Davis are dressed and going through warm-ups. Whether they play or not remains to be seen. Mike Marry is also dressed as well.

Gerald Rivers went through warm-ups as the #1 DE over Kentrell Lockett.

11:03 am

15 minutes before the game and there may be enough fans to fill a high school stadium.

Vanderbilt's All-SEC TE Brandon Barden is not dressed out. RB Warren Norman is dressed.


11:17 am

Ole Miss captains are Wayne Dorsey, Marcus Temple, Bradley Sowell and Derrick Herman. Vanderbilt captains Larry Smith, Chris Marve, Casey Hayward and Kyle Fischer.

Attendance has not improved any. This has to be the lowest attended SEC game in a long time.


11:19 am

Ole Miss wins the toss and defers. Vanderbilt will receive.