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A recent article appearing in the American Thinker discusses whether or not President Obama displays the characteristics of a beta male.

Recall that alpha males display traits of dominance and power.

Conversely, beta males typically display a desire to avoid confrontation.

Does it matter if President Obama is a beta male?

This past weekend I rode home with one of my newfound college friends.

Classless is one word to describe the actions of many Ole Miss fans, especially our student body, against Alabama this past Saturday.

I would like to start by saying that I consider myself a die-hard Ole Miss fan.

The behavior of our students throwing stuff at Alabama people sitting in the student section this weekend is nothing short of embarrassing. The five Bama fans sitting in the student section got showered with liquids, along with cups and bottles thrown at them.

In response to Isaac Lichlyter’s October 8th editorial, we would like to point out some flaws in his argument.

The University of Mississippi is no stranger to criticism, especially considering its contentious past.

In fact, it seems we often spend more time defending ourselves for things that happened forty years ago than embracing the positive steps taken to erase the negative aspects of our 161-year history.

Hallelujah! Mid-terms are over.

Dear Ole Miss Students,

This week is Homecoming Week, which is a special time of the year for the Ole Miss campus.

While enjoying the wonderful experience that was Saturday’s game against Alabama (Oh, Mr. Snead, watching you play is like drinking an Icee. Good at first, but soon I get brain freeze and just want it to end), something made me stop and think.

Not content with angering senior citizens, President Barack Obama has turned his guns on the nation’s kids, proposing that American schools should add time to the school day to “stay competitive” with other countries.

The University of Utah has become quite the weed-friendly place lately.

If someone were to suggest that a victim of a rape has a right to kill her two-year-old child because the child is interfering with her work or personal life, I find it hard to believe that Ms. Axelrod would support that exercise of the woman’s“reproductive rights”.

Growing up as the only male in a house full of women, I was taught that women should be treated a certain way.

A man should treat a women with honor and respect. She is a queen, both powerful and precious.

This is how I’ve always known to treat a woman.

Now that I am older, I have come to a shocking realization: Chivalry is dead.

The debate on Capitol Hill and throughout America about health care has me wondering if the people leading the opposition could pass a reading comprehension test.

Exhibit A in this case is the public option.

Apparently, when translated into Republican, this phrase becomes “mandatory government-run rationing death panels.”

Let’s break it down here.

As many of you may remember, last week The Daily Mississippian published daily reminders and even an advertisement in our publication promoting today’s relaunching of our Web site, thedmonline.com.

Over the last few years I have become very acquainted with politics.

I formed my views during the Bush presidency, and they have remained rather stable since then. I disagreed with just about everything George Bush did as president.

The DM Editorial Board: Alex McDaniel, Jason Smith, Cass Green, Donica Phifer, Caroline Lee

The DM Editorial Board meets daily to establish a position on a specific issue after a majority opinion is formed.