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Or maybe you’re not Henry’s friends. Friends would’ve sent Henry home, or at least shut him up, on Saturday night, when he shouted “nigger” off the bridge near the Ford Center at some people below.

I like having the alcohol we are NOT supposed to have in the stadium rain down on my dress shirts. Nothing brings me greater joy.

Raise your hand if you saw “Bladerunner.” Or read “The Martian Chronicles.” Or listen to the Top 40. My job in this column will be to convince you that they are all related and actually incredibly important to us.

Every theme park under the Walt Disney banner is for kids. Granted, when defining the word “kids” as far as Disney and age are concerned, the numbers span a broad spectrum. Anywhere from one to 100 comes to mind.
The Magic Kingdom is a place where fairy tales come to life – where Cinderella’s castle is the center of the universe, and you can discover a multitude of whimsical lands that spark the imagination and urge you to go and explore the magical creatures that live there.

Three weeks ago I met Pat Ward, the preacher presiding over The Orchard, a Christian Methodist church in Oxford, for coffee.
During our conversation we spoke of his church, the doctrine of Christian Exclusivism and the value of faith. Ward was a good sport, letting me play Nietzsche with him and granting me permission to print the results.

This is a sensitive issue, I’m quite aware. Native Ole Miss students are hypersensitive to out-of-state students who have not been lifelong Ole Miss fans and have allegiances to more than one football team.
I, having grown up in New Orleans to an LSU alum, hold dual fandom and have been called a traitor for even suggesting that I like LSU.
Please refrain from tweeting me things about corndogs; I don’t understand that comment and I fear I never will.

Last week Democrats had a chance to come together in massive numbers in Charlotte, N.C., to host our national convention from Sept. 4-7.  I had the distinct pleasure of making the trip with the Mississippi delegation. This year we were treated to powerful party leaders and quite a few upcoming stars, from primetime speakers such as Michelle Obama, Julian Castro, Elizabeth Warren, Bill Clinton and Joe Biden to the president himself.  By the end of the week, I left not only more informed, but more energized about my party.

Oxford mayor Pat Patterson met with the ASB Cabinet on Sunday night. During his meeting with us, we discussed numerous topics ranging from student behavior leaving the Square to student involvement in the community. I wish to discuss both topics he raised.

In a recent Newsweek article writer Joel Kotkin argues that Millennials are a “screwed generation.” He asserts that a combination of high student debt loads (recently detailed in The DM) and high unemployment rates yield a disenfranchised group of young Americans, telling NPR’s Tell Me More host Michel Martin that recent college graduates are “going to inherit an enormous debt” run up by the federal, state and local governments — “that they are going to have to pay for.” Millennials face staggering personal and government debt in conjunction w

I mean, vote for them if you believe the veritable issuance of fecal matter coming from either one of the candidates’ mouths. I would hope you wouldn’t, but to each his own.
If you don’t agree with the two major candidates, I beg you to find a candidate with whom you do fully or even mostly agree. One who’s probably not lying about what they’re going to do in office.

I am a conservative who leans very libertarian, except on moral and social issues. If you’ve read my articles then you know there’s no doubt about this.
This is why my attitudes toward the smoking ban will surprise some people. I’m talking John Roberts and the Obamacare ruling type of surprise; I doubt any conservative or libertarian will agree. Here it is: The logic behind the smoking ban is perfectly sound.
The smoking ban is a terrible idea, but the reasoning behind it is acceptable. We choose to attend Ole Miss, go to games here and work here.

Paul Ryan is the best thing to happen to the Democratic Party this presidential election.
Vice presidential nominee Ryan is a man with extreme views in almost every circumstance and who lies constantly about them and about his opponent, Barack Obama.
Let’s first take a look at his speech at the Republican National Convention, which Fox News columnist Sally Kohn called “an apparent attempt to set the world record for the greatest number of blatant lies and misrepresentations slipped into a single political speech.”

In 1846, Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard took a survey of his surroundings and decided to offer a critique of the spirit of his age: “Ours is the age of advertisement and publicity,” he wrote. “Nothing ever happens, but there is immediate publicity everywhere.”
Obviously 1846 is long gone, but with the advent of radio, television and the Internet, the above critique is as relevant as ever:  When all is said and done, more is always said than done.

Since President Obama is in the midst of election mode, he has amped up his attacks on the rich in order to pander to lower-income voters. The president continues to call for an expiration of the Bush tax cuts for those who make over $250,000.
While that is more than what the vast majority of Americans make, it is a far cry from his fight to raise taxes on the millionaires and billionaires only. According to the IRS, 2.7 million Americans earn more than $250,000 a year, but only one-tenth of those make more than $1 million.