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I’ll never forget the first conversation I had with James Meredith. I answered the phone and he mumbled softly, “Hello, this is James Meredith. Is this the president of the Ole Miss student body?” I replied, “Yes, this is.” I immediately stopped what I was doing and gave the phone my undivided attention. I could hardly believe James Meredith was actually on the phone. We talked for a while about my recent election, and he congratulated me on my success.  

A half century ago, James Meredith drew the world’s attention to The University of Mississippi when he became the first black man to walk onto campus as a member of the student body. After battling the administration, state legislature and even Governor Ross Barnett himself, Meredith was finally allowed to transfer from Jackson State College – after the intervention of Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, the U.S. Marshals and thousands of members of the Mississippi National Guard.

Bill Nye is in the news this week following the release of an online video in which he criticizes the teaching of creationism, calling on parents to “question their beliefs” before passing the philosophy on to children.

David Villalobos is either the bravest man in the world, or the most misinformed. I’m inclined to go with the latter.
“Becoming one with the tiger,” as he said was his desire when he jumped out of his train car on the monorail that travels over the Bronx River and through a forest that is part of the 265 acres that make up the Bronx Zoo, had to be a case of misinformation on his part.

I’m not paying a poll tax. Oh sorry, wrong time period. I’m not voting unless I get something right now for my effort: instant gratification. There we go – that’s better.

When I came back to Ole Miss this semester, I noticed something different about the landscape and buildings on our beautiful campus.
Everywhere you look, yard signs, posters and stickers signal that The University of Mississippi is now a smoke-free campus. Personally, I am extremely happy with this policy shift; however, many students, faculty and staff are upset with the policy. This smoke free policy has been a major point of debate since the fall semester began, and the debate doesn’t seem to be quieting down.

Aside from abandoning all preconceived notions of an object and then experiencing it in person, we experience all persons, places and things as ideas.
While reflecting, a father can experience the idea of his son by distinguishing his appearance from others either by thinking of the time and interests the two have shared or by remembering the last conversation he had with him.
Today I’m going to detail a family struggle with Alzheimer’s disease, the most common form of dementia.

In light of the recent Harvard academic scandal in which more than 125 students were caught cheating on their final exam, many major media outlets openly questioned the merits of a modern college education. In a Sept. 6 editorial piece, The Boston Globe claimed that a college education has “become a transaction: a means of earning a degree for your résumé, rather than a place to explore the life of the mind.”
While I must admit that I completely disagreed with The Globe’s piece at first, in retrospect, I think they have a point.

American culture centers on the belief that we as citizens have a voice, particularly through voting. We pride ourselves on the fact that we have free elections that are guaranteed and protected by the Constitution, a freedom that far too many countries do not enjoy.
However, how much does your vote really count?