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Articles in "Opinion"

I was unaware that Greenville, Miss., is the “Hot Tamale Capital of the World,” but all of Camp Looking Glass found this out last Saturday afternoon when we attended the town’s Hot Tamale Festival.
At Camp Looking Glass, each counselor is paired with a camper at functions. Mine is Antoine, a familiar face for a lot of people in this part of the Delta. The “First Annual” Hot Tamale Festival was a meet and greet for him; he rendezvoused with cousins, friends, church members and so on all day.

The second presidential debate Tuesday night featured two candidates with remarkably similar ideals, nitpicking over taxes and practically nothing else.
While what President Obama and Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney said might have had a large effect on the election, the lack of any other candidates makes an enormous difference, for the worse. Without opening the debates to potentially viable third party candidates, the U.S. will make very little progress in creating a better tomorrow.