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The movement to overturn the Supreme Court’s Citizens United vs. Federal Elections Commission ruling and confront the idea of “corporate personhood” has never been as important as it is today.

One cannot question the notion that this Black History Month is one to remember for Ole Miss. 

There are probably very few guaranteed-lose-every-pound-you-ever-needed-without-giving-up-your-chocolate-crème-pie-diets that I haven’t been on or thought about going on, and I’m still 40 pounds overweight. Go figure. 

The Associated Student Body held its presidential debate last night at the Overby Center. 

On May 5, 1993, three 8-year-old boys were reported missing in West Memphis, Ark. After discovering a shoe floating in a ditch, the bodies of Michael Moore, Christopher Byers and Steve Branch were found hog-tied, naked, bloody, stabbed and beaten. In February and March of 1994, three teenagers were convicted of murder.

After attending the Associated Student Body Debate, I can confidently say that no matter which candidates come out victorious, the students of the University of Mississippi will have qualified, dedicated and diligent representation.

A bill was recently introduced in the Mississippi State Senate regarding college funding for illegal immigrants. 

The University of Mississippi is a public institution of higher learning, which means a large percentage of the school’s funding comes from American taxpayers, primarily those in Mississippi. As a result, scholarships and grants should be reserved for Americans, primarily Mississippians.

Believe it or not, there is more controversy over President Barak Obama’s health care plans. 

There’s a good reason a lot of romantic comedies somehow involve Valentine’s Day. Whether people describe their situation as single, engaged, in a relationship or “it’s complicated,” the way most people treat the holiday is a little entertaining.

As members of the Ole Miss family, we have a special mindset. We have certain standards for who we welcome into our family. 


In the Feb. 9 edition of The Daily Mississippian, Benjamin Lowery, a graduate English instructor, criticized my analysis of the Republican primary. Specifically, he took issue with my suggestion that candidates should lighten up on the negative campaigning and consider suspending their campaigns to unite around a single, solid conservative. More precisely, I was referring to Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA), and I’m glad Mr. Lowery has given me the opportunity to articulate why Santorum is a deplorable choice for the GOP.

As everyone should know, this month we celebrate black history. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to attend any Black History Month events, but the university offers a wonderful selection of programs and lectures. I’ve been to some in the past, and I urge everyone to attend at some point.

I enjoyed a lengthy conversation this past week with a university administrator, simply to catch up and talk about the great things going on at Ole Miss. During that time, I shared with him some of my favorite parts of the university, one of them being the opportunities made available to students. Our university opens all doors to all students, and we each have the tools needed to garner success in four years time.

Nothing says Happy Valentine’s Day like a $13.99 per month condom subscription — just sayin’. Or how about for the “college” woman, a flask made in the shape of a pair of ruby-red lips. Is that a subtle hint that females enrolled in institutions of higher learning drink too much? 

In November 2008, by a slim majority, California voters instituted “Prop 8,” a constitutional amendment that says “only marriage between a man and a woman will be recognized in California.”
Voter turnout was large at nearly 80 percent. Many expected California, typically a leader in liberal, social movements, to shut down the proposition. When that did not happen, reactions varied greatly.

I recently found myself at a table in City Grocery’s bar, sharing a round of drinks with a few people I consider close friends, casually debating the likelihood of Newt Gingrich’s plans to uncover and subsequently capture the al-Qaeda base located on the dark side of the moon.
For the record, I have become quite disenchanted with the circus that is the American culture: Our politicians appear to be glad-hand caricatures meant merely for our amusement, and our media outlets have devolved into a predictable, bastardized quest for ratings.

In 1988, Congress passed the Drug-Free Workplace Act, which requires federal contractors and grantees to provide drug-free workplaces in order to receive a contract or grant. Then in 1989, the Supreme Court ruled that it is constitutional for private railroad companies to require employees to test negative for use of drugs upon hire and return from extended leave.

Recently a bill was introduced in the Mississippi Legislature that would require drug tests for recipients of welfare. Instituting drug testing does not make sense financially and reinforces stereotypes of the poor. Additionally, there are more effective alternatives that can be enacted. 

In a historic move on Tuesday, the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals overruled Proposition 8, the statewide initiative banning gay marriage in California.

If you use Google or Wikipedia, you may be familiar with something called SOPA. No, it’s not a national debate about Mexican soup. SOPA is legislation intended to censor the Internet, essentially suspending the constitutional rights of American citizens and corporations.

We are a family at Ole Miss. Some Mississippians would argue that the state of Mississippi is like a family too. In the wake of arguments between Ole Miss and Mississippi State fans on social media outlets about anything imaginable, I thought about some comparisons between the state universities and a family.