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Emily Roland

 et al.

This poll was posted on theDMonline.com last Tuesday, Nov. 6. 180 readers voted on this poll and shared, which Oxford intersection they found the most dangerous. Of the six option, exactly half voted for Old Taylor Rd/Highway 6. This intersection is pictured above and is considered dangerous because of its heavy traffic due to population density.

Or do.
But let’s think about all the things that you’ve experienced thus far in your life: You were born, you learned how to use a toilet and walk, you went to kindergarten, and then did nothing interesting but go to school for 16 years. Holy cow! What a snoozefest!

This year was meant to be a symbol of the progress that The University of Mississippi has made. Every member of the student body knew we were celebrating 50 years of integration and that the university has a history of prejudice and hate, which the Ole Miss community wanted to prove we had overcome. Because of the actions of a select few, it appears to the nation we haven’t.