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It was a cool 54 degrees, at 5:30 a.m., as the members of Ole Miss’ ROTC gathered in formation beneath the columns of the Lyceum for the 9/11 Memorial Run.

The average ACT score of 23.9 for the current University of Mississippi freshman class is a record high in the university’s history. According to faculty and students, this record-setting score is expected to boost academic morale for the class of 2016, as well as improve the university’s standing among other SEC schools.

In today’s political climate, one may find it difficult to believe that politicians engage in any meaningful conversation with constituents. Oxford Mayor Pat Patterson, however, took the opportunity to meet with the Associated Student Body Sunday to discuss the recent rise in crime around the Square, the difficulty of growth in the Oxford-University community and opportunities for University of Mississippi students to get involved in the community.

Local bars and Oxford police are dealing with an increased number of people who have been drinking on the Square on any given night. During the fall, the party is mainly in the Grove on football game days, but for the rest of the school year, the Oxford Square is the place to go for a good time. This party atmosphere on the Square every weekend has forced bar owners, bartenders and Oxford police to evaluate the best ways to deal with people who have been drinking.

As the echoes of winning the last two football games ring throughout campus, the anticipation for the Ole Miss-Texas game is slowly building around Oxford.

While Oxford School District is one of the top school districts in the state of Mississippi, this year’s state test results were mixed, and steps to improve are underway for the coming year.

The School of Pharmacy kicked off its first of many “Brown Bag Discussions” on Sept. 5 in the Thad Cochran Research Center. Nearly 30 talented research scientists and faculty members from both the Jackson and Oxford campuses came together to discuss how to improve, synergize and streamline their areas of research.

What has been a big controversy since the beginning of the school year has received student and faculty responses. On Friday in the Grove, a peaceful, non-violent protest was led by the Facebook group, “Smoke Up The Grove,” started by two Ole Miss law students.

With the presidential election right around the corner, numerous media outlets are urging young Americans to vote. Absentee voting is one way college students away from home can assure their voice is heard in this upcoming election.

Nothing sounds more refreshing than an ice-cold lemonade on a hot, humid day in the Grove. Add a great cause to a delicious cup of lemonade and one has the perfect combination.

The recent decision to ban smoking on campus at the University of Mississippi has been met with criticism from staff and students alike. The criticism is coming to a head today at 1 p.m. in the Grove when a group, led by two school students, will protest the ban.

On April 10, the Mississippi Senate passed House Bill 921 by a 34-14 vote. If approved by the U.S. Justice Department, it will require voters to provide a government-issued photo ID. 

It’s no secret that parking on campus is difficult for everyone – students, faculty and staff alike. With an increase in students and fewer availble parking spaces due to construction around campus, finding a spot is a nightmare.

Another director has been hired to the administrative staff at Ole Miss, and he comes with the hope of helping students find job opportunities.

Mitt Romney
Born: Detroit, Michigan; March 12, 1947


In a big week for local government, the Board of Aldermen held its first bimonthly meeting and passed votes on some major issues that have been in the works for months.

The phrase “put your money where your mouth is” has become a reality at campus dining locations.

As Sidna Mitchell, then Sidna Brower, entered her senior year at Ole Miss as the editor-in-chief of The Mississippian in the fall of 1962, she was determined to do her best to fulfill her role with the newspaper. 

“The university is respected, but Ole Miss is loved. The university gives a diploma and regretfully terminates tenure, but one never graduates from Ole Miss,” is a quote from alumnus Frank Everett that hangs from the wall of the Student Union. 

 James Meredith returned to Oxford last night where his journey began 50 years ago, to sign and discuss his new book, “Mission from God: A Memoir and Challenge for America.”

As children, danger seemed a foreign concept as we raced our bikes, devil-may-care, through our hometown streets. 
However, bikers face a serious danger in the cars with which they share the road.

The Office of Sustainability is getting ready to kick off its new recycling campaign for the upcoming football season. Students that volunteer to help promote the Green Grove program will be rewarded with prime seating. According to Assistant Director of Office Sustainability Anne McCauley, the Grove and Circle produced 435 tons of garbage last year. McCauley said that only four tons of that garbage was recycled, a number that she and the Sustainability Office wish to improve 

Rain slapped like needles and wind blew apart stop signs as Isaac continued to roll into the Gulf Coast at a slow seven miles per hour yesterday morning 

James Meredith will be in Oxford this weekend as the 50th anniversary of his admission into Ole Miss approaches, but the purpose of his visit has nothing to do with the historic milestone