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I hate myself.

Soon after the alternates have been named, one contestant gets a faint smile from over the shoulder of one of her friends also participating in the Miss University pageant. 

In the background, the sound of children playing drowns out director Alan Arriveé’s voice. 

“My daughter’s friends are over, and we just got a new puppy,” he said. “I guess now is as good of time as any to talk.”

I’m sick as I write this. My back aches, my shoulders are tense and I’ve found myself coughing up very interesting variations of the color green. Simply put, my body hates me right now. I don’t know what I did to upset it, but it is clearly getting its point across that it is very, very displeased with me.

So what if the economy is not at its best and buying a new car is considered a bad investment? There is nothing like that new car smell. And for those who want that new car smell, I have put together my second annual new car buyer’s guide.

A little past midnight, a bleeding sophomore collapsed to the floor holding his stomach. He was stabbed in his stomach, lower abdomen, under his left eye and behind his ear. His drunken roommate and former fraternity brother stood over him with a knife in his hand as the third roommate dialed 911. The Lafayette police arrived to find the two men fighting tooth and nail. After a critical week-long stay in Baptist Memorial Hospital, the 20-year-old English major withdrew from the University of Mississippi and returned to his home in Austin, Texas. That was Feb. 25, 2007, nearly five years ago to this day.

Colour Revolt has been hard at work and is more than ready for its Oxford appearance. 

At long last, we within driving distance of the Oxford Malco Theater, have now been deemed worthy enough to get to see “The Descendants.”

In high school every time a PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) commercial would air, I would get upset.

f you were to tell local artist, Zach Tutor, five years ago that he would be curating his own art show in San Francisco, he would not have believed you. 


With her house quiet and her husband and children sleeping, Julie Cantrell sat down and started writing her first novel. Now, “Into the Free” will debut this Tuesday at a launch party at Off-Square Books. 

2012 proved to be another exciting year for the North American International Auto Show in Detroit with many new production and concept cars being unveiled.


When I was in seventh grade, I was the beast when our drama class put on a production of “Beauty and the Beast.” 

But not the beast you would think of. Our mascot was the blue devil, making this beast the blue devil head with a nice jacket. I was a blue beast. Oddly appropriate, I think. I did a pretty good job, despite having to hold a microphone under my mask so the audience could hear me.  

Last week’s protests against the would-be anti-piracy bills SOPA and PIPA got global attention; Wikipedia claims that over 160 million people saw their page denouncing the bills, and at least that many people laid eyes on Google’s “censored” logo. Now, voting on both bills has been “delayed indefinitely” due to the public outcry against them, but there still seems to be some confusion about what the fuss was about in the first place.

It’s my first last column of my first last semester of college! Or is it my last first column? Last first semester? Last last? Man, I dunno. Obviously, we’re off to a great start already.

Throughout the day, there is a promotion aired on Rebel Radio that hails Oxford as the “quintessential college town,” a statement that’s hard to argue with. Part of having a great college town is having a thriving arts scene, which we have. 

It’s finally happened: 2011 has produced a movie worse and less funny than “The Hangover Part II.”  

If you were alive during the 1960s and beyond, you know who The Temptations are. With their sultry, easy-going lyrics and catchy tunes, the group has become one of Motown’s greatest achievements and continues to influence the music industry. 

Cinderella’s fairy godmother uses the flick of a magic wand to create a carriage out of a pumpkin. Janie Travis uses the stir of a spatula to create a pumpkin out of cake.
Travis rotates “Number 63: Pumpkin Cake with Burnt Orange Buttercream” while it sits glistening in the sunlight atop a white ceramic cake stand.

GM is not a green car virgin. Its first relationship was with a car known as the EV1, an all electric car that was produced from 1997 to 1999. The EV1 was hampered by its heavy, inefficient lead-acid batteries that provided an average range of only 75 miles, and eventually all of the lease-only EV1s were crushed by GM. Of course, its horrid looks didn’t help much either.
So, when Chevrolet decided to produce the Volt, they made sure to avoid the same mistakes.

So in “Immortals,” a ruthless maniacal king wants to, you guessed it, take over the world.  Along the way, he and his army come across a village where they slaughter everyone except a muscle-bound warrior who they turn into a slave, but he escapes and seeks bloody vengeance on them.  

With the semester coming to a close and the recent loss of our football coach, spirits are low around the University of Mississippi campus. Since one of the best ways to get over a problem is to remember that other people have bigger problems, the solution is in the dark theater just before the Grove.

It’s been three years since we last heard from Harold and Kumar, and I don’t think there’s been any major outcry for another sequel, but here they are with “A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas,” anyway.  

The sixth generation, code-named F30, BMW 3-series sedan will hit dealerships this February, and it will be a little bigger, a little lighter and will jump on the eco-train with a hybrid variant.