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Articles in "Lifestyle"

12,000 hot meals were delivered to the homebound elderly. 595 people with intellectual disabilities participated in organized sports activities. 2,291 individuals received financial assistance to meet basic needs such as rent and utilities.

The music community is a large organism that will not hesitate to eat fresh bands alive.

For many elementary school students, being labeled “at risk” in education does not guarantee any assistance for getting back to the standard level. For Lafayette Elementary School and Oxford Middle School, though, there is the Leap Frog program.

Do you remember getting up at ridiculous hours on Christmas morning to go take a peek under the tree to see what Santa left? How about that exciting feeling in the pit of your stomach upon seeing a plump stocking hanging by the fireplace?

Tonight, critically acclaimed Mississippi writer Barry Hannah will be featured in VOX Literary Press’ third event.

Though the weather has been dreary, Ridgewood, N.J.-based Real Estate will bring their tropical pop sound to the Lyric Monday.

The 1959 football team at the University of Mississippi was able to make it through 11 games with only three touchdowns scored on them.

The freaks were out.

Long hair, tie dye and lots of people exploring the realms of outer space through their own minds, albeit with a little chemical assistance, took to the Square Wednesday night.

So maybe you're not ready for the holidays, and you're already stressed by even seeing the wreathes on Oxford’s streetlight posts. The fact is, though, that you’ll need to wind down around Thanksgiving break, and what better way to get into the holiday spirit than to listen to some not-overplayed Christmas jams? Besides, you’ll need something to listen to on the way back from home. What better way to shake the Thanksgiving’s-over-blues than to go ahead and jump to the next holiday?

Ron Rosenbaum coined the term “nuke-porn” during the Cold War to characterize works of fiction whose narrative structure mirrors that of traditional porn: “the excitement of arousal and buildup, the finger on the trigger as the world was brought to the trembling brink of a consciousness- obliterating climax,” he wrote in Slate this past summer.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 needs no introduction.

What was a dance floor for the opening band soon filled before the Four Tops went onstage.

The Thursday night before each IRIS Orchestra concert, musicians from San Francisco, Boston and everywhere in between meet in Germantown, Tenn., to rehearse.

William Pittman Andrews is a busy man these days with a work day of “meetings, meetings and more meetings.”

The holiday season is upon us (only 44 days until Christmas, after all), and gamers everywhere are flooding retailers like GameStop and Walmart to buy games for loved ones as well as themselves.

This Friday, the ‘60s band Four Tops will perform as part of a fundraiser for the Lafayette Oxford Foundation for Tomorrow.

Upon entering Off-Square Books for the second VOX Literary Press event, attendees filtered through book displays to be greeted with a Styrofoam hot dog box or a bowl of pretzels.

Hard times only fuel the fire of influence for hard working musicians, including the band El Cantador, based out of Mobile, Ala.

Very few opportunities are offered for spending the evening chasing Mad Dog 20/20 shots with hot dogs, licorice and pretzels.

David St. John is a Renaissance man in black jeans, a black jacket and a black shirt.

The Meat Puppets, known for their influence on bands like Nirvana and Pavement, were at Proud Larry’s Tuesday night. The band has been around since 1980, and I decided to go see how they were holding up.

“Borderlands” is a highly stylized loot-dropping first person shooter game set on the planet of Pandora.

Sometimes the most valuable person on a team is not the player who runs the fastest, scores the most points or has the best batting average - it is the person who is responsible for those players’ physical well-being and work ethic.

If you ask any local in Oxford where to get the best barbecue, the answer escapes before the question is even through: Handy Andy’s.