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As grocery stores fill their produce sections with goods from around the world, local farmers work to fill Oxford homes with local and natural goods.

About this time each year, all students are faced with what seems like one of the most difficult decisions of their college careers: “Where do I live next year?”

Graduation is right around the corner; you’re probably ready to get rid of the car that you’ve had since high school.

It has been almost a year since artist Brittany Bass left Athens, a city she grew to love. But setting up shop in Oxford wasn’t such a big transition; Oxford is often considered a smaller version of the city that has become known as the poster child of music and art in the South.

Spring has officially sprung. Warm weather has set in, flowers are in bloom and many fruits and vegetables are coming into season. Typically, fruits and vegetables are high in vitamins and fiber, which means that they contribute to our health and to maintaining smaller waistlines. It’s a great time to start eating healthy and to buy food locally. 

First the Titans clashed. Then the Titans were remembered, as they fought for racial equality and tolerance on their small-town football team. Next, the Titans clashed again as they were remade and converted to 3D. Would that be the end for our heroic Titans? Of course not; there’s more money to be made. So now we have “Wrath of the Titans,” the sequel no one wanted to the remake no one asked for.

If I wake up one day and turn on the news to find out Geraldo Rivera has finally turned into an actual weasel, I won’t be surprised.

Judging from the box office receipts, literally everyone saw “The Hunger Games” over the weekend. The Oxford Malco was certainly packed. I had to squeeze in next to an old lady. It was the hottest date I’ve had in weeks. OK, months. All right, my entire life. But is the movie worth all this hoopla?

Two theatre students will get a chance to show off their directorial skills to University of Mississippi students this weekend at “An Evening with Christopher Durang.”

Alabama Shakes has played Conan, multiple showcases at SXSW and the band has put out a single on Third Man Records without an actual album to its name. Now the band is here to rock Proud Larry’s tonight with its signature Southern sound.

Easter is just around the corner, and the traditional way to celebrate it is with brightly colored Easter eggs. Well, we didn’t have any spare eggs, so we decided to celebrate it with our own, slightly tweaked version — a pastel orange, egg-shaped hybrid ... close enough.

This upcoming weekend, thousands of students will take to the streets of Oxford and Lafayette County to give back to the community that has taken them in.

After meeting in April 1992 in Carrollton, Ohio, Mark and Donna Christiansen began dating and eventually married on April 1, 2000. Their parents planned the reception.

Generally my Porsche of a column in this Pinto of a newspaper is supposed to be the “movie column” or the “column we throw out first when there’s not enough space,” but the first few months of the year are a notoriously crappy time for movies, and I’m pretty much just marking time until “The Hunger Games” anyway, so this week instead of movies I’m going to tell you which TV shows you should be watching, and we’ll get back to movies next week when “The Hunger Games” is finally released and, Jesus Christ, this is the longest sentence ever. Anyway, to my soapbox!

If you wanted to drive across Mississippi and stop in all the small towns to see the history, change and preservation, chances are, they’d all look and feel the same.

While her friends and former classmates are busy building careers, getting married and having kids, 25-year-old Oxford native Katie Heckel is busy raising 25 children she considers her own.


An Ole Miss senior is releasing and performing his first album Saturday night.

Most kids are working to master coloring inside the lines at 6 years old. Dylan Clift, however, was making herb-encrusted French garlic bread with his 10-year-old brother.

Ford forever changed the automotive world in 1964 with the introduction of the Ford Mustang. It created a new segment called the “pony” car, a term that was coined by automotive journalists at the time after the Mustang.

I believe it was Susan B. Anthony who said, “We are living in a material world, and I am a material girl.” 


Last weekend, I set out with a clear intention. The plan was to think of some fun, out-of-the-norm activities to do around Oxford, do them and document them. Through what I’m going to staunchly declare as “no fault of my own,” I probably didn’t meet that goal but, damn it, I tried. The complications arose when the four things I had planned to write about turned out to be, respectively: legal, of questionable legality, outright il- legal and nearly impossible. Personally, I blame it on natural disasters and laws, but God and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers would probably disagree with that. Alas, let the misadventures ensue. 

This weekend, sushi restaurant Two Stick is getting rocked by two bands on their way to the South by Southwest Festival: The Harmed Brothers on March 8 and The Diamond Center on March 9.

Oxford is often referred to as a cultural haven, so it may be surprising that until Friday, March 2, there was no record store in town.

As we plow through the papers and midterm exams in this hellish week, there is a light at the end of the tunnel: Spring Break.