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Why fashion matters


In the prolific fashion-oriented movie “The Devil Wears Prada,” Nigel, the art director of Runway magazine, declares that “(Fashion is) greater than art because you live your life in it.”  

What are the truths in this statement?

First of all, fashion is an art form — it is part of our expressive culture as human beings.  

It is impossible to make a clothing decision that “exempts you from the fashion world” (as declared by Miranda in the aforementioned film).

Being fashionable is a declaration of power and control over one’s own presence.  

However, being fashionable is a vague term — there is not one look, one outfit, one attitude or one set of standards that will garner fashion success.  

In fact, there are many.

As there are surfeits of colors, cuts and styles to choose from when selecting a garment, there are multiple ways to combine garments that express a unique vision.

Presentation is key.

One of the significant ideas to be known about being the all-desired, “mega-meaning” term “fashionable” is to find a style that is unique to the individual.  

Satisfaction and comfort in your clothing and in your overall look are central elements in being able to not allow one’s clothes to dictate one’s feelings and actions.  

Yes! Clothing is that powerful; it can dictate mood and even attitude.

Depart from the basics (dull colors can make one feel gloomy and bright colors can have the opposite effect); there are essentials in an outfit that can lead to improved mood and the ability to project confidence.  

However, not one of these “basics” is universal, as everyone is different in their attitudes and interpretations of personal style.

These “basics” can range from appropriate fit and comfort to fashion forward and in vogue.

When applying for a job, going on a date or simply walking to class, fashion decisions have to be made.  

Unless one defines oneself as a nudist, it is impossible to avoid such decisions, and the key is to know how to make such decisions effectively in regard to the situation and to what makes one feel at his or her best. 

Clothing makes a statement.

It can reveal a number of things about a person: attitude, personality, tendency to conform, style and taste.  

Therefore, it is important to consider such things when deciding what to wear.

What defines simply wearing a number of clothes, as opposed to presenting an outfit of artistic fashion, is how one utilizes garments to effectively present a unified look, which can lead to a cohesive identity.  

Fashion is all about choice, and while this can be an exciting realm of decision, it can also be daunting.  

The best choice is to take a risk while maintaining the attitude one wants to embody.

Furthermore, a powerful principle of fashion is the element of surprise.  

Often, people get into a rut concerning their wardrobe and in their lives in general; they are predictable.  

Predictable is safe and often boring.  

Sometimes taking a risk — going against your own comfort level or against conformity — can reveal a new aspect of one’s character. 

And, in the process, it could reveal unanticipated facts about a person, even to him or herself.

Be bold, but do not forget your identity.  

Every garment and every decision one makes can slowly develop personality and uniqueness. 

However, if abiding by conformity or against one’s vision, this can lead to losing oneself and, in turn, buttressing the concept of one allowing one’s clothes to be in charge.