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Where are all the jobs?

Two weeks ago, I began the long, arduous journey that every college student must take — the job hunt. Now, I’m certainly not to the point of looking for a permanent, career-type job. I just need something to do, so my parents see the reasoning in spending my summer in good ‘ole Oxford town.
As any job-seeker would, I have some basic minimum requirements: a paying job, reasonable schedule and something that fits in well with my resume. Oh, I’d also like to work inside since it’s so darn hot here in the summer. I don’t think those expectations are too high.
You would think that Oxford is a town bustling with summer jobs. However, you would be strongly mistaken. With high school students and college students vying for available positions (not to mention the puttering job market), jobs are in high demand with low availability. Jobs are hard to come by, even for an applicant such as myself.
Like many job applicants out there, I offer a variety of talents and skills. I offer wonderful telephone skills and computer proficiency, and I am extremely organized. I can handle multiple tasks at one time, think outside of the box and am willing to go the extra mile to get the job done. I have experience working in multiple offices and in different industries, too. Essentially, I am perfect intern material.
I now understand how many Americans in this country feel. It is disheartening when you realize you have great potential and you have all of the necessary qualifications, but you are unable to procure employment. I hope our political leaders will work to correct this issue, instead of bickering over partisan politics. Why haven’t businesses been offered further tax incentives to keep jobs in America, instead of moving them overseas? Or why haven’t we imposed higher tariffs as an incentive to manufacture in America?
I guess this is good practice for our future. At least now, college students are able to perfect their resumes, interviewing skills and job searches. In fact, I’m thinking I may need to begin my actual, career-type job search now. It doesn’t hurt to get a head start, and I can at least get an idea of what’s available and what is feasible to expect. Certainly, people in some fields will have no problem finding a job while others will have to wait multiple months. I know many friends who have searched more than a year after graduating college to find a job. Thankfully, the University of Mississippi offers an extensive alumni network, wonderful Career Center and many other services to help its graduates find employment. Honestly, I’m hoping that extensive alumni network will read this column and offer me a job this summer!
So in preparation for my summer, I’ll continue my job hunt here in Oxford. As mentioned above, I’m a great employee; I have references. Instead of taking out an ad in The DM or even posting a “Help Wanted” sign at your office, just email me!
And for those of you still looking for a job this summer, go by the Career Center. They have some really awesome people there to help you, who can offer some great information.  

Adam Blackwell is a sophomore public policy leadership major from Natchez. Follow him on Twitter @AdamBlackwell1.