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What Grinds My Gears: Where are your classroom manners?

Normally, people come to school to get a degree. Most students here could agree with this. We deal with classes at 8:00 a.m., going to class uphill both ways and other everyday nuisances. Big problems even occur inside the classroom, which brings me to my next point. You know what really grinds my gears….
People with poor classroom manners. Now hear me out before you judge and say I am the largest nerd since Steve Urkel of Family Matters. I think we can all agree there has been at least one time we have been agitated by someone during class. Sometimes things happen and there is no way to avoid it, but most of the time, people just don’t know how to act.
You know that magical moment when you’re sitting in class and you almost understand what the professor is trying to discuss and out of nowhere Lil Wayne comes in rapping about being a fireman from the speakers of some student’s phone? By the time the phone is shut off, classroom concentration is lost. Accidents happen, but if it happens multiple times during a semester or in one lecture period, we have a problem.
Or have you ever sat near someone who just had to talk to their friend about that party last night or what to wear to formal? When I hear this, my ADD kicks in and all of a sudden, I’m learning about what matches what instead of the teacher’s lecture. Not only is this disrespectful, but it is also distracting. There are those who can successfully carry on a conversation at low volume. But if when you whisper, you are just as loud as if you are screaming at a party, try not to attempt to talk in class.
Have you ever been in class with someone who just has to be right? That one guy or girl who just loves to argue? Even if we can all agree the sky is blue and the grass is green, they will come up with something to challenge this. I strongly believe that discussions are a part of the learning process, but we need to carefully pick our battles.
Now I could continue about other annoying things like when people browse Facebook, watch Netflix, or other distracting things, but I will stop here. We all do something occasionally that distracts others and is just completely disrespectful to the professor. Turn off the cell phones and laptops, talk after class, and please for everyone’s sake, if you just want to argue with the professor, do it during their office hours.
So, readers, do you have something that grinds your gears? Lend me your thoughts and I will give them voices, my friends. Until next time, keep calm and carry on.