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Well, if it sucks, it sucks.

A majority of the people who have picked up The Grove Edition this semester were either confused, thrilled or had no idea what it was or why it existed. And as the editor and semi-creator of the Grove Edition, I have felt confused, thrilled and had no idea what was going on at various points during the semester.
As I sat on my couch and prepared to write this farewell column, it was somewhat difficult to think of bright and shining moments. This year has been hard; it’s been filled with hard work, little hours of sleep and plenty of editing, reading and thinking of headlines. What was simply an idea became a reality for The DM staff as I transitioned from city news editor to lifestyles, and during that transition, The Grove Edition was born.
I hope after a semester of publishing, the Grove Edition has become a joy to pick up. Thursdays are now my favorite days of the week, and not just because they have become my Fridays. I have loved reading each article and column and working with reporters, and I hope that mentality will continue to exist. The Grove Edition should represent the art and works of the students at Ole Miss. We hope, and I hope, that it becomes a representation and outlet for creativity.
Without the staff and a group of people who went with my crazy ideas and ridiculous plans, The Grove Edition would not have existed, especially if Victoria Boatman and I had not stayed up all night before the first one was published.
How could I have survived without the many meals my BFF, Adam Blackwell, supplied? Or therapy Tuesdays with Lauren Smith and Kelsey Dockery? Or the beautiful decorations supplied by my Young Life girls? Or the pseudo-version of me that my roommates made to have someone who was actually home? Or without the InDesign extraordinaire Darren Sanefski?
Bottom line, I couldn’t.
And to this day, I still don’t understand how Cain Madden trusted me with the amount of responsibilities he did, Or how Jacob Batte and I survived fall semester as news editors.
And to the other Jacob, my Jacob, your patience amazes me, especially with the amount of ranting and exhaustion you dealt with. Thank you for loving me so well, just as Christ has loved us. And I am sorry that every time you visited Oxford this year, we spent a majority of our time in the Student Media Center. I owe you a million Ajax dinners.
But as this year comes to a close, I wish Kristen Stephens, the new lifestyles editor, patience, superhuman strength and a great sense of humor.
It’s been real, DM. Realer than I ever imagined.
In farewell, I leave the staff and the readers with my recently infamous statement, “Well, if it sucks, it sucks.”