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Water Warning

The boil water advisory is still affecting campus, from dorm life to water fountains and dining options.
Austin McAfee

The boil water notice on campus at The University of Mississippi will remain in effect until no earlier than Friday, according to physical plant officials. Director of the Physical Plant Department Ashton Pearson said the cause of the boil water notice was a break in a water line at a construction site.
“State laws require two consecutive days of clean water samples in order to lift the boil water notice,” Pearson said.
The first sample was taken and sent to the state lab yesterday morning, and the second will be taken and shipped to the lab this morning, according to Pearson.

The boil water notice is affecting campus in a variety of different ways. Ole Miss Dining Service has been in direct,constant contact with the Physical Plant about the situation, and they have taken necessary precautions to ensure the safety of students.

“We have done multiple things to ensure safety,” Marketing Coordinator of Ole Miss Dining Jeffrey Owens said. “We have put up signs that inform people what to do during the situation and we have stopped all fountain drink machines.”

Though students cannot use fountain drink machines, Ole Miss Dining has provided bottled drinks for students to purchase with their meals. All food that requires water to prepare is being cooked with water that has been boiled.

Ole Miss students that live on campus are also having to deal with the boil water notice accordingly.
“It hasn’t been too bad,” geological engineering freshman Bryce Bealer said. “They put signs all over the dorm to warn us about it, and the water isn’t brown or anything.”

Other students are upset that there are no free drinking options available during the notice.
“It isn’t very convenient that you have to buy a drink when you get thirsty,” business sophomore Mandy Franklin said. “I could at least get some water for free with out having to buy it. Now I can’t do that.”

Signs showing warnings have been strategically placed by water fountains and bathrooms in most campus buildings. Pearson said that physical plant officials have been working as quickly and effectively as possible to resolve the situation.