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Water leaks call for policy adjustment


If you are an Oxford resident worried about a water leak driving up your water bill, then you may have a reason to relax.

Last Tuesday in a regular meeting, the Board of Aldermen passed a measure to displace the cost of water bills altered by on-property leaks.

The City Water Adjustment Policy is a measure that cuts off half of your water bill and half of your sewage bill if a leak is found on your property. 

If the leak is outdoors, then it will be half off your water bill and fully take away sewage charges.

“If there is a leak on your property, and we can verify that there was a leak, then there is certainly a need for adjustment,” Bart Robinson of the City Planning Commission said.

This adjustment in city policy comes after several complaints made by city residents after receiving extensive water bills, and then discovered a leak in their properties’ pipes.

The city has made adjustments in the past to help residents with the problem, but the old policy was too flawed and murky.

The answer to this issue comes after a good deal of debate by the Board of Aldermen and city officials, and it has been a topic at board meetings since it was introduced at a special meeting in August.

“This comes after a lot of discussion, and we believe this is the best answer,” Robinson said.

The measure passed will put a restriction on your bill if you have already received the adjustment for a water leak, consequently making you ineligible for the next year.

The measure also addressed the testing of water meters and stipulated that if the meter on your property is in error then the city will pay for it.

At the meeting the board passed the measure with little excess debate, proving just how pressing the matter was.

“This issue has been on our docket, and it’s good to get it resolved,” Mayor “Pat” Patterson said.