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Wallace sidelined Tuesday

It’s that time of the year where few players are completely, 100 percent healthy. 
That is the case for Ole Miss and was the reason sophomore quarterback Bo Wallace sat out the majority of Tuesday’s practice. Wallace has dealt with a shoulder bruise and soreness for most of the season. 
“It’s not a structural deal, it’s just that same bruise that he’s had,” Freeze said. “We held him out of most everything, really. We got Barry (Brunetti) and Maikhail (Miller) a bunch of snaps. We’ve done that some in other weeks, too; (Wallace) will be fine. He wanted to go today. We’re just trying to get his arm to where it has some pop to it, you know. I feel like he’s lost a little zip trying to push through the pain that he’s had. 
“It’s never going to get well until you rest it, but maybe we can get it to where it’s better on Saturdays than just trying to push through it every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.”
Freeze also cut out some of the Rebels’ pre-practice work to shorten things up for the players. 
“We did cut out some of the pre-practice,” Freeze said. “Really did about the same amount of practice, we just cut out of that pre-practice that took about 20 minutes. It’s that time of the year, though.”
Core impresses on special teams
True freshman wide receiver Cody Core has been on the special teams coverage unit for much of the season and had his best game Saturday. Core recorded four tackles on the coverage team and showcased an increased physicality that pleased his head coach. 
“I was thrilled,” Freeze said. “We’ve harassed him several weeks in a row about him being the best looking special teams player we have on coverage but the least physical. So, he said he was going to prove that he was physical, and he did. He made a lot of plays. It was good to see.”
Freeze talks missed call
Replays of Vanderbilt quarterback Jordan Rodgers’ scramble on a 4th-and-2 late in the fourth quarter appear to show that Rodgers came up short and should not have been awarded a critical first down. 
It’s a call that Freeze included in his package of plays that he sends every week to the Southeastern Conference office. 
“I turn in all our calls every week, and, certainly, that was one (of them),” Freeze said. “I think it’s obvious to everyone that sees it that the spot was a generous one and an incorrect one. It depends on where they would have changed it to as to what the result would have been. 
“They make mistakes sometimes; we make mistakes. That was a bad one at a bad time for us.”
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