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UPDATE: One dead, suspect stand-off in Grand Oaks

An unidentified gunman, who police said was recently released from a mental hospital, held his family hostage in the Grand Oaks subdivision home Friday. An Oxford Police tactical team detained the gunman around 3:35 p.m.

Police received a call sometime after noon that there was an man standing in a yard with a gun. When police arrived, the man ran into the house, holding his family hostage. The gunman’s brother was shot and killed during the hostage situation while his father hid in the attic, the gunman’s sister escaped the house.

After failing to establish contact with the gunman through telephone and loudspeaker, Police Chief Mike Martin decided to send a tactical team in so that no further injuries were sustained to hostages.

“Because we could not establish contact inside the house, I made the decision to send in a tactical team for fear of what might happen or continue to happen inside the house,” said Martin.

The suspect is currently being processed at the Lafayette County Detention Center.

The suspect fired a shot at one of the police officers surrounding the house early in the afternoon but no police were injured.

No shots were fired during the apprehension of the suspect.

According to Martin the tactical team was able to apprehend the suspect using only physical force, causing no injury.

“I’m extremely happy that no officers lost their lives today,” said Martin. “I’m happy that the father and sister made it out of the house but I am saddened by the loss of the brother.”