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University students encouraged to get flu vaccines

director of the student health center pharmacy sandra Bentley feels it’s important for students to visit the student health center for a flu shot to protect themselves against common strains of the flu virus with the season beginning to change.
Alex Edwards

As both flu season and finals are fast approaching, Director of the Student Health Center Sandra Bentley encourages University of Mississippi students to seek vaccinations to guard against illness.
Flu vaccines are now available at the Student Health Center in two different forms this semester. According to the Centers for Disease Control, both work by inserting antibodies of the three most common types of influenza viruses of the season into the body. Two weeks after insertion, the viruses in the vaccine begin to equip one’s immune system to fight off the flu virus. Traditional shots are avail- able for $25, and nasal mists are available for $30. Bentley says the mist is less popular. Bentley suggests students bring their insurance cards with them to the health center since some insurance companies will pay for flu vaccinations. Last week several Ole Miss pharmacy students administered flu shots to more than 100 students on campus, but not all students feel the flu shot is necessary. “I’ve never gotten a flu shot. I’ve never gotten the flu before,” said Erin Callan, senior business management major. Senior English major Meredith Wilson disagrees. “My parents always make me get one,” she said. According to Bentley, the possible consequences of not getting a flu vaccination can be academically devastating. “When the flu comes through, it can put people down for seven to 10 days,” she said. “When a student can’t go to class for seven days, that might ruin their entire semester.”