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Top 10 Fashion Blogs

My dream has always been to work in the fashion industry. Whether it’s writing, styling or organizing a closet, the fashion world is where I want to be.
In order to work in the industry, you have to know the industry backward and forward. You can never know too much. Ever.
So for all you fashion lovers — and despite the great amount of you wearing Nike shorts and T-shirts, I know you are out there — here is a list of my top 10 favorite fashion blogs.
From street style to job postings to trend alerts, these blogs will give you everything you need to know and more about the world of fashion and how to get in it.
I did my best to rank my favorites (No. 1 being my all-time favorite and No. 10 being my almost favorite), but they are all amazing in so many ways and offer different information in different ways.
Here it goes. The countdown begins.
10. Style.com
While more a branch off the magazine than a blog, style.com has done a wonderful job of turning the magazine into an online source of information different from its glossy pages.
style.com is my go-to for runway information. It posts every image from every designer showing at fashion weeks all over the globe, making you feel like you are sitting in the front row rather than at your computer screen.
It also offers an exclusive look at after-parties and fashion news.
9. GoFugYourself.com
If you are in search of the greatest fashion disasters, look no further. Go Fug Yourself was created by two friends in search of a diversion from their real lives, and making fun of fashion’s greatest victims gave them that satisfaction.
Deriving from the word “fugly,” Go Fug Yourself is a fantastic satire on the fashion world and all those who are a part of it. If you thought Joan Rivers was harsh on “The Fashion Police,” you ain’t seen nothing yet.
From celebrities to socialites, the “Fug Girls,” as they are known, show no mercy. So the next time you have a second thought about an outfit, beware of who might be watching.
8. Fashionista.com
This site is a chronicle of the fashion universe. From the runway to the knockoffs on Canal Street in New York City, this blog takes you behind the scenes of up-and-coming trends.
The goal of fashionista.com is to search out the next great designers, trends and deals while also dishing on models, gossip and everything fashionable.
7. T Magazine
The New York Times, also known as the mecca of the journalistic world, possesses some of the country’s greatest fashion writers.
What is seen in the style section every Thursday and Sunday is nothing compared to the blog devoted to everything fashion. And I’m not just talking clothes. The blog equivalent of the style section includes travel, food and culture, all revolving around one word: style.
It offers not only a glimpse into the fashion world, but also a lifestyle. A way to live every part of your life in style.
6. The Zoe Report
If you do not know who Rachel Zoe is, stop reading now. As one of the most sought-after stylists in the industry, Zoe should be not only a fashion lover’s icon, but also her inspiration.
The Zoe Report is a daily email service that sends fashion trends right to your phone or computer. With advice on decorating, makeup, baby clothes and more, The Zoe Report is my daily go-to for the latest trends and inspiration.
The stylist herself also answers fashion questions from her loyal followers. What’s not to love? Subscribe to the free newsletter at thezoereport.com.
5. The Sartorialist
Created by photographer Scott Schuman, this site offers a dialogue between the fashion world and the real world.
The blog is simple: photographs and comments. That is it. Schuman takes street style to the next level by finding people (any people) and photographing them. He posts them and waits for comments.
The simple yet amazing site is a fun way to communicate with fashion lovers like yourself. Whether you love or hate the look, someone else feels the same way. It is simply amazing.
4. WhoWhatWear.com
Love, love, love is all I can say about this next blog. It takes this season’s hottest trends and tells you not only where to buy them, but also multiple ways to wear them.
The site opens up with the Style Stalker: the moment’s trendiest person in all her stylish glory. It features the person’s style, biography and where to buy every article of clothing she is wearing, also known as outfit IDs.
Seriously, go check it out. Now!
3. LittleMissCareerist.com
If you are serious about working in the fashion industry, this is a blog you MUST follow. It posts jobs and internships in every aspect of the fashion industry from writing and buying to styling and designing.
And not only that, it tells you how to network, how to create a blog and most importantly, how to become important in an industry that is so difficult to be seen in.
If you only look at one blog on this list, this needs to be the one. LMC’s goal is to inspire and motivate you to find that dream job and then how to get it. Create your personal brand, and do it with LMC.
2. The Cut
This is truly my No. 1 fashion blog. I follow it religiously, reading every post and examining every photograph.
This New York Magazine blog is chock-full of every speck of fashionable news all over the world. It brings you sample sales of the day, the best look of the day and updates from every designer, socialite and politico (even following Michelle Obama, aka MObama watch).
It goes behind the scenes of every fashion show in every city. It tells you the inspiration behind a designer’s new line. It gives you the gossip behind the clothes and so much more. It is interesting, intriguing and, yes, inspiring.
No, that is not the name of the blog. I am talking about a blog created by you, for you. Well, maybe not all for you but for your benefit.
Whether it becomes a famous blog or not, creating your own blog is the best way to put your name to your talent, whether it’s writing, designing, styling or whatever your passion is, a blog can get you noticed.
Post anything that inspires you, anything that interests you. Post your work, sketch and photography samples. Because without samples, you will go nowhere. Visit hautytoddy.wordpress.com if you need a little inspiration.
If you want to work in the industry or just read about the industry, these blogs will guide you through the complicated lives of fashion’s elite and you on your way to accomplishing your dream.