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Things to do in line at the polls

1. Finally find out who William Faulkner is. He’s famous, I promise.
2. Vote in today’s theDMonline.com poll (shameless plug).
3. Check out Bo Wallace’s new haircut. Goodbye Sunshine!
4. Put in your waiver claims for fantasy football.
5. Read Donald Trump’s incredibly bitter tweets. At least you’re happy.
6. Think about how great SNL, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report will be if Romney/Ryan win the election.
7. Then think about how you will never hear great words like “malarkey” if Obama/Biden lose.
8. Flip a coin.
9. Call your mother. She’ll be particularly proud of you because you’re voting.
10. Find a group of people to nervously drink with until the results come in. 1,000 points if they’re bipartisan.