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Square Shopping on a Budget!

For new college students, moving to Oxford has been quite a big adjustment. Many students here at the University of Mississippi are from big cities with bigger malls, and now here they are in a small town like Oxford with not much selection. While there is plenty to do on campus like lazing in the Grove, partying on Fraternity Row or catching a movie in town, our dear Oxford is lacking in one particular area. Shopping! Typically the go-to place for shopping is the Square. However, because of exclusivity; prices tend to be a bit steeper, and many students steer away from the shops and boutiques. Even so, a true fashionista who keeps the right things in mind knows how to work around this dilemma. To have a successful and frugal shopping trip, one must keep a few things in mind. First, think about your budget. What are you really willing to spend? Dresses, shirts and skirts can range anywhere from $40 and up, but don't worry! With a budget in mind, try not to rush to the first rack you see. Instead, be observant of the windows and counters of the shops, which is where sale information is typically posted. Next thing to think about is what exactly you are looking for. There is nothing worse than what I call the “grab, grab, go” daze. Say for instance, you need a skirt for a party tonight; however, you end up leaving a shop with a pair of earrings, a scarf, and a hat. Not what you planned on, huh? Knowing exactly what you want can help you avoid making this easy mistake. Another thing to consider is what you already have in your closet that you can possibly add to. If you need a skirt, you may already have a shirt or accessories that could pair well with the outfit; these items can be marked off your list of things to buy, which will save you money. Now that you have considered these aspects of your shopping trip to the Square, you can give yourself a reasonable budget, know what you’re looking for, find the sales and, last but most importantly, you can SHOP! Make an effort to keep these tips in mind. Just because there are a few places that may be a bit expensive for your taste or your pockets, it does not mean you can’t shop period. Just be smart, remember your tips, and you can leave the Square with enough money to come back and several chic finds!