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Politics’ place on campus

Ole Miss political organizations try to build support on campus during an election year.

The Ole Miss College Republicans and the newly reformed Ole Miss College Democrats offer every student on campus the chance to become active early in the political process.

Sophomore political science major and College Democrats President Sean Higgins is one of many students taking advantage of the political organizations on campus. Higgins said that he used to be a Republican, and even wrote articles for The Daily Mississippian last year in support of Mitt Romney, but over the summer he had a change of perspective and is now helping bring the College Democrats back to Ole Miss.

“The Republican Party has been moving so far to the right, and ever since I came to college, I started moving to the left and found my place in the Democratic Party,” Higgins said.

Sophomore public policy major Emilie Street said students should join the College Democrats to have a way to support their political candidates and views.

“I was a Democrat coming into college,” sophomore public policy major Emilie Street said.
“Growing up as a Democrat in Mississippi, I think it’s important for students who are affiliated with the Democratic Party to have that outlet on campus.”

Sophomore public policy major Jessica Brouckaert said her decision to be in the College Republicans resulted from an interest she developed prior to college.

“I was raised in a conservative home, and in high school I was involved in the Jackson County Republican Women and a political club as well, so I was familiar with it and decided to join College Republicans and help out,” Brouckaert said.

With the election taking place on Tuesday, both groups are planning to be active in campaigning for their respective candidates.

“On Tuesday, we’re going to be in front of the Union handing out literature and encouraging people to vote, and we’re trying to get volunteers to go door-to-door for Brad Morris for Congress,” Higgins said of the College Democrats.

Also, at 4 p.m. today, the Rebels for Romney will have a rally at the courthouse on the Square, according to political science sophomore and College Republican Vice Chairman Emerson George.

But Tuesday will hold even more activity for College Republicans.

“As for Tuesday, we’re going to have volunteers holding signs at the polling places in town, and that night the Lafayette County Republican Party has rented out the Library on the Square for a watch party,” Brouckaert said.

The number of students in each organization is not certain, but as of Nov. 4, Ole Miss College Democrats had a total of 149 “likes” on Facebook with 95 followers on Twitter, while Ole Miss College Republicans had a total of 132 “likes” and 189 followers.

To “like” either organization on Facebook, search for Ole Miss College Republicans or Ole Miss College Democrats. To follow them on Twitter, search for @OleMissGOP and @UMCollegeDems.