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Pinterest connects the world through common interests.

Ellie Turner | The Daily Mississippian


The Internet can be overwhelming. Websites are full of things like fashion, recipes and quotes that you would like to remember but easily forget from one day to the next.

A small team of nine people from Palo Alto, Calif., decided to create a website that would make it easy for web browsers to document and organize things they find on the Internet, and Pinterest is now one of the fastest-growing social services in the world, according to the Pinterest team.

As written in Pinterest’s mission statement, its goal is “to connect everyone in the world through the ‘things’ they find interesting.”

After requesting an invite, the team personally sends a link that enables people to join the group and then allows them to browse pins posted by others. The user can “repin” things he or she likes to his or her pinboard and/or create pins to be browsed by others.

Pinboards are categorized in a variety of ways. Some examples of pinboard themes taken from the website are “cool posters,” “inspiration,” “future wedding” and “fitness inspirations.”

Like Twitter, Pinterest has a follower system. Once someone follows another Pinterest user, he or she can then see all the things the user posts or “repins.” Users can also follow specific boards posted by someone they follow instead of following their whole Pinterest account.

Pinterest accesses its users’ Facebook accounts to connect Facebook friends with other Pinterest users.

Pinterest users can leave comments on posts and “repins.” For example, an engaged couple can plan their wedding on a pinboard, and their parents and friends can leave feedback.

Junior psychology major Chase Killebrew uses Pinterest to learn more about his friends and what they like.

“I like seeing what my friends are interested in,” Killebrew said. “I guess it could even be good for gift ideas. I see it as a social network that gives people yet another way to share different aspects of their lives. There are things that can’t really be shown through tweets and status updates.”

Like many people, senior education major Julia Porter has been making plans for her future since she was a child. Pinterest has come to her mind capacity’s rescue, she said. Now, she has visual documentation of the plans she has been making for years.

“I’ve basically got my life planned,” Porter said. “I have a board for my future home, wedding and birthday parties.”

Porter also uses Pinterest to give her a better understanding of her fashion style. She said that she better understands what things she likes because her “style” board has an obvious theme.

Pinterest has an iPhone app, and it allows users to link their account to websites and blogs.

With so much information at the world’s fingertips, Pinterest has created a way to organize thoughts and ideas that may make everyday life a little easier to navigate.