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Phi Kappa Theta fraternity to return this fall

File photo (Cain Madden)/The Daily Mississippian


Phi Kappa Theta fraternity will be on campus this fall and will participate in formal recruitment, according to the Interfraternity Council (IFC). 

National members are currently on campus recruiting members to form a colony.

This is not the first time that the fraternity will have a chapter at the University of Mississippi, Phi Kappa Theta had a chapter at Ole Miss from 1971-1988, said associate dean of students Coulter Ward. 

Ole Miss is looking at an enormous freshman class for next year and IFC president Brian Barnes said the IFC is always willing to expand. 

“The IFC and Dean of Students Office are consistently contacted by various national fraternity organizations that would like to be a part of our community,” Barnes said. “Occasionally, the possibility of expanding with one of these organizations is discussed and both the IFC and fraternity presidents vote in favor or against the move.” 

Emmalee Rainey, a Greek student and current Associated Student Body vice president, said she believes the addition of a new fraternity was inevitable due to the increase in student enrollment at Ole Miss.

“As our student population continues to increase, it not only affects the sizes of our classes, but it calls for us to accommodate a larger Greek community,” Rainey said. 

“It is only logical for us to increase the numbers of our fraternities and sororities as to welcome the influx of students that wish to become Greek. I think it’s a great thing that we are welcoming another Greek house and opening new doors to students in the Greek community.”

There have not been any plans yet to build a fraternity house for Phi Kappa Theta.

“Adding a new fraternity to our community does not require the addition of a new fraternity house,” Barnes said. “There is no intention to add another fraternity house in the near future.” 

Phi Kappa Theta will most likely have a tent on Fraternity Row during formal recruitment, much like Sigma Pi did a few years ago. 

For more questions about Phi Kappa Theta, contact the national office at (317) 872-9934.