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Paul Ryan, the Democrats’ savior

Paul Ryan is the best thing to happen to the Democratic Party this presidential election.
Vice presidential nominee Ryan is a man with extreme views in almost every circumstance and who lies constantly about them and about his opponent, Barack Obama.
Let’s first take a look at his speech at the Republican National Convention, which Fox News columnist Sally Kohn called “an apparent attempt to set the world record for the greatest number of blatant lies and misrepresentations slipped into a single political speech.”
Paul Ryan’s speech turned again and again to petty attacks against Obama and his administration, which time after time weren’t true.
The accusation against Obama, regurgitated by my fellow DM columnist Alec Jones, that President Obama is gutting Medicare by promising over $700 billion in cuts? Completely false. These figures are drawn from projected savings in Medicare by reducing payments to hospitals and insurance companies, which was okay with them since Obamacare promises them much greater revenue through reduction of care without pay.
And, to make it worse, Ryan’s own budget plan has these exact same “cuts,” yet Ryan uses these cuts to finance tax cuts for the rich rather than increasing health care coverage.
Ryan attempted to peg the United States’ debt downgrade solely on the president in his speech. Oddly enough, when Standard & Poor’s announced the debt downgrade, they said it was due to uncertainties about the ability to pay future debt. The report says, “The statutory debt ceiling and the threat of default have become political bargaining chips in the debate over fiscal policy.”
Of course, it was President Obama who was using the debt ceiling as a bargaining chip, right? And his terrible political ways were what caused the uncertainty about paying future debt. Except, not at all. It was the Republicans who made a huge deal out of something that had never been contentious before and used it as a bargaining chip.
Throughout his speech at the RNC Ryan continued to not only make contentious statements, but state blatant lies as fact. As a Republican, is this really who you want as your vice presidential candidate?
At least he can run a super-fast marathon. On a conservative talk radio show, Ryan claimed to have run a sub-three-hour marathon in his youth, a very impressive feat. Of course, when he said sub-three-hour, he actually meant just above four hours. He has since laughed it off. But when a man is lying about not just policy ideas, but insignificant things like marathon times to make himself look better, there is an issue at hand.
Anyone who supports President Obama this fall should be delighted by the recent choice of Paul Ryan as vice president. Not only is a liar the second-most important man in the Republican Party, his contentious ideas have been thrust into the spotlight, showing them for what they truly are.
Ryan opposes abortion in every instance, including rape and incest, a fact he decided to ignore in his RNC speech.
Ryan’s budget, hailed as fiscally responsible, wouldn’t balance the budget for over a decade by his measure, and by most other measures, it would never balance the budget. The budget would also cut programs that benefit our nation’s poorest and increase burdens on most Americans, all in the name of giving tax cuts to the richest five percent. In fact, 62 percent of Ryan’s planned budget cuts come from programs aimed at those with low income.
Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney could not have made a more contentious choice with his pick for VP, and in the coming months we will see that choice lead to a debate over the very worst issues. That is, unless Paul Ryan keeps lying.

Jay Nogami is a public policy leadership junior from Denver, Colo. Follow him on Twitter @JayTNogami.