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Oxford reacts to re-election

Supporters of President Barack Obama gathered at the watch party at City Grocery on the Square on Tuesday night to watch the election results and cheered as President Obama was declared the winner after he was projected to win the state of Ohio.

Jesse Kelley, a third-year law student, could not contain her enthusiasm.
“I’m so excited,” she said.

Kelley explained why she voted for Obama in the election.

“I worked with the women’s campaign fund this past summer, and we support non-partisan women candidates who are pro-choice, and so that’s my keynote issue,” she said.

“And it’s not just about abortion. That’s the huge factor for all women, I think, in this election, is that ‘Are you going to allow me to have contraceptives? Are you going to allow me to have an abortion?’ But it’s really, ‘Are you going to allow me to have equal rights?’”

Republican supporters watched the returns at the Library on the Square.

After Republican challenger Gov. Mitt Romney conceded the election to Obama,
many Romney supporters were upset to discover that their candidate had lost.

Anna Gray Young, a hospitality management sophomore, admitted that she was disappointed, believing that Romney would be better at job creation.

“I was hoping that he would be able to create jobs and we could actually have a future after we graduate college,” she said.

Young’s other concern was that she believes that Barack Obama isn’t qualified to be president and has been mismanaging the country.

“Barack Obama didn’t really have a job before he was elected president, and he is trying to bring our country in a direction that I feel like is not necessarily the correct direction that we should be going towards,” she said.