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Is nothing sacred?

Every theme park under the Walt Disney banner is for kids. Granted, when defining the word “kids” as far as Disney and age are concerned, the numbers span a broad spectrum. Anywhere from one to 100 comes to mind.
The Magic Kingdom is a place where fairy tales come to life – where Cinderella’s castle is the center of the universe, and you can discover a multitude of whimsical lands that spark the imagination and urge you to go and explore the magical creatures that live there.
But the Magic Kingdom is about to bring us overgrown “kids” back to reality, back to the very adult world in which we live. Beginning in November, as part of the park’s Fantasyland expansion, those of us of the legal drinking age will be able to get soused while we enjoy our dinner at the French-themed Be Our Guest restaurant.
Look out, Goofy, you’re about to have some competition.
According to an article in USA Today, for the first time since Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom opened four decades ago, folks who wish to imbibe of spirits of the beer and wine varieties will be able to, within park boundaries.
USA Today reported that, according to the Orlando Sentinel, sales will be limited to dinner hours at the restaurant and that park officials felt that it made more sense to do it than not. The reasoning behind that matter-of-fact statement is due to the proclamation that you can’t walk into a French restaurant and not order a glass of wine or a beer.
Probably very true, but the powers-that-be over at the Magic Kingdom should have thought of that before they decided on a French Restaurant for a kid-themed park. I mean, how many kids lay in their beds at night and dream of going to the Magic Kingdom just so they can eat at the fancy “French” restaurant?
Chicken nuggets and a Dr. Pepper would have sufficed. Let’s face it, the Magic Kingdom, and all of Disney’s theme parks, are geared toward children. And while kids of all ages enjoy the experience, I do think that those of us older than 10 can wait to enjoy a libation of the alcoholic kind until our deprived little bodies exit the park.
And while the article from USA Today reports that there will be no beer and wine “to go” and noted that other Disney World parks like Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Epcot also sell alcohol, there’s just something about being able to get looped at dinner and then running into Cinderella, Mickey and Minnie and Donald Duck that just doesn’t sit right.
But maybe it’s just me.
Hopefully, Mom and Dad can handle having a few too many glasses of wine at dinner, manage to walk out of the restaurant without impersonating King Louie singing “I Wanna Be Like You,” and make it to Cinderella’s Castle to see a fistfight with Aladdin over his magic carpet.
Although, it would save them from having to stagger the entire way.
Angela Rogalski is a print journalism senior who lives in Abbeville. Follow her on Twitter @abbeangel.