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New Lead, New Hopes for IMC

Jared Burleson

Scott Fiene, the new head of the Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) major, is determined to prepare IMC students as much as possible for the world outside of Ole Miss. The IMC program combines journalism, business and liberal arts studies together to give students a background in all areas of communication. “Every single touch that an organization has sends a message,” Fiene said. Fiene, who has been here since this last fall, said he hopes to convey this message to the students in the program. It is offered as both an undergraduate major and a postgraduate degree. He described the major “as much of a mentality as it is a discipline and the students will have this mentality because the program is very hands-on,” which gives students experience in many fields that allows them to approach the subject matter from many perspectives. Will Norton, dean of the Meek School of Journalism and New Media, said “media is at the heart of everything,” and the focus of the IMC program is the use of media to implement strategies. That is why one of Fiene’s goals with the IMC is to teach students how to make an impression using media tools such as advertising and interaction. Fiene said communication, intentional or not, is connected to every part of a company, like public relations and selling. Norton also said the program will teach students how to brand themselves, which will improve their job chances in this unstable job market. Some of the areas of work Norton said would be a fit for an IMC graduate would be business, law or politics. Fiene added that public relations, advertising and sales would be excellent employment options for IMC students as well. “I love the creativeness of it and just how much it has to offer,” Skyler Herring, a senior IMC student, said. Herring said he believes that the variety offered by the program will open many doors and hopes to use the degree to get a job in marketing or public relations for a record label or in sports marketing. “Fiene is doing an amazing job as director,” he said.