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New app makes catching the bus a bit more conveneient

Alex Edwards | The Daily Mississippian


For University of Mississippi students who frequent the Oxford University Transit buses, a new iPhone app could mean less frustration and more progress at bus stops. 

Busvetica is an application for mobile Apple products that locates the nearest bus stop and displays the next bus arrival time.

The Apple application, which works with the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, was developed by Ian Meyer and his company Adelie Software. He said the idea for the app came to him upon observing confusing bus arrival times in his town of Chapel Hill, N.C.

The $1.99 application has been available for just under a month and has stayed up to date thus far.

The app gets its information from NextBus, which uses satellite technology and computer modeling to track vehicles on their routes.

The Busvetica system refreshes every minute and promises to always be accurate in its calculations.

“The system is based on GPS transmitters located on each bus, which is received by NextBus, which is then transferred to Busvetica for easy access,” Meyer said.

Neci Dismukes, a senior from Macon, Ga., said he is excited about the new application.

“I’m going to download it now,” he said. “I rush between classes to catch the bus, and with this I could just look at my phone and know the bus’ arrival times.”

There is no local organization for Busvetica in Oxford, but Meyer himself can regulate the buses from his location in North Carolina through use of an online simulator.

Jake Tracht, a junior from Oceans Springs, is skeptical of the price.

“I think it would do twice as good if it were $.99,” he said.

The application is based on the idea of simplicity, Meyer said. It can be found in the Apple app store and is easy to locate as a bright red icon with a bus.