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Miss Ole Miss Gets Political

Alex Edwards

The Order of Omega Greek honor society has selected senior Margaret Ann Morgan to be a student board member on its board of directors. Morgan was nominated by the Omega Theta chapter here at The University of Mississippi and then selected through an application process. She represents all collegiate chapters and members nationwide. “I am the spokesperson for all the students at the college level who are involved in the Order of Omega,” Morgan said. “It may mean, ‘How do we get chapters more involved with Order of Omega?’ or ‘How do we base our selection for most outstanding chapter?’ or ‘How do we choose who gets the scholarship for Order of Omega?’” Sarah Robinson, president of Delta Gamma, said Morgan has already had an impact on Greek life by being a leader in the Delta Gamma sorority. “Margaret Ann has impacted Delta Gamma through her positive energy and excitement in all situations,” Robinson said. “She leads through her contagious enthusiasm, inspiring others to become more involved.” Morgan’s participation in the Order of Omega will also have an impact on Greek life here at Ole Miss. Stace Sievert, the graduate assistant for the Interfraternity Council, has already spoken to Margaret about her Board of Directors meetings with the Order of Omega. “(She spoke) at the last executive board meeting of the Order of Omega and really was able to give our executive officers more insight (into) the national umbrella organization’s priorities and what they would like to see (and) what chapters are doing, and so having those connections (is) important,” Sievert said. “I think that’s going to turn out to be a good thing.” Morgan continues her roles in the Ole Miss community as a broadcast journalism major and a news anchor on the school’s news network, NewsWatch, and she was elected Miss Ole Miss two weeks ago.