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Meredith book signing day at Square Books

James Meredith will be in Oxford this weekend as the 50th anniversary of his admission into Ole Miss approaches, but the purpose of his visit has nothing to do with the historic milestone.
Meredith will be signing his newest book for readers at Square Books tonight at 5 p.m. His book, titled “A Mission From God: A Memoir and Challenge for America,” recounts Meredith’s life, including his genealogical history, a personal account of his parents, his military career, his spiritual connection to Japan, his encounters and friendships with Martin Luther King, Jr., Medgar Evers and others, the crisis surrounding the integration of Ole Miss, his encounter with the white woman who was in love with him and his career with Jesse Helms, all the while discussing his core beliefs about humanity, politics and his principles of American citizenship, according to the Square Books website.
In addition to the book signing, a brief question-and-answer session will be moderated by Ole Miss journalism professor Joseph Atkins at 5:30 p.m.
“I have interviewed Meredith multiple times,” Atkins said. “I am very much looking forward to discussing the book with him and the people that come to the event.”
Meredith, generally regarded as one of the most prolific graduates of Ole Miss, has five previously published books. An experienced and prolific author, Meredith is expected to draw a large crowd on the Square tonight.
In his critically acclaimed book, “Three Years in Mississippi,” Meredith personally accounts his experience at Ole Miss and the racial struggle in the South. Many students at Ole Miss are excited about the book signing.
“I have been anticipating this (event) since it was announced,” graduate student Blake Summers said. “I have always been interested in Meredith’s life, growing up in Mississippi, so I’m excited to get his signature on the book all about his life.”
The question-and-answer session is expected to be brief, and readers in attendance will get the chance to ask Meredith questions related to the book.