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Letter to the Editor: Why Rebel Radio needs to change


Throughout the day, there is a promotion aired on Rebel Radio that hails Oxford as the “quintessential college town,” a statement that’s hard to argue with. Part of having a great college town is having a thriving arts scene, which we have. 

A thriving arts scene is supported in one way by the radio station that anchors the campus. Unfortunately, Rebel Radio fails at promoting Oxford as the “quintessential college town” and fails to help Ole Miss craft a level of originality that separates us from the rest. After all, how can we be the “quintessential college town” if we are like everyone else? 

My problem lies with the current programming and its lack of thought and sincerity. It focuses too much on Top-40 music and ignores a great deal of independent music that is both relevant and exceptionally good. Oxford thrives on its uniqueness; it’s a town like no other. 

But having the college radio station air what’s standard practice for any FM station in a metropolitan seems misplaced and uncharacteristic of the rest of this community. 

I am not advocating that the station abandon its Top-40 programming all together. It is important but it does not need to dominate the airwaves.

 By dedicating some time to independent artists, Rebel Radio could be on the forefront of broadcasting new and exciting music in a region lacking of such. Perhaps investing some time in this music that fits perfectly in a college town like ours would be worthwhile, and better reflective of what this town is, instead of what this town isn’t.


Liam Clements

Senior political science major