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Letter to the Editor: Observations on the new traditions at football games

Warren Masterson

To the Editor:

I would like to start by saying that I consider myself a die-hard Ole Miss fan.

I am writing this as I re-watch Saturday’s game I recorded at my house.

Like most Ole Miss fans, I am all for the great traditions at Ole Miss.

However, I have no problem with the changing of some traditions.

Some traditions, though, should not be altered in the least.

This season marks the 10th straight year that I have been to every Ole Miss home football game. I have been at every game early enough to hear the band play “From Dixie with Love” and I have stayed for every playing of the same after each game.

I have many great memories of singing that song after huge wins and just as many memories of listening with disappointment like on Saturday.

I believe that the changing of the final lyrics “the South will rise again” to “to hell with LSU” is extremely hypocritical.

When I sing those lyrics (and as I continue to sing those lyrics) I have no thoughts in my mind other than the recollection of the emotions that have been stirred in me throughout the years while I have sung those words, and it never fails to give me chills.

Changing those lyrics to telling another school to go to hell is absurd.

I have heard the argument that “people really don’t want LSU to go to hell.”

Well, my argument is that no one that sings the original Ole Miss remix of the song really wants the South to rise again.

We sing it because people for generations before us sang it that way. It is a tradition that will never be changed for me or thousands others like me.

Now I would like to talk about new traditions that are embarrassing to me as an Ole Miss fan. Who is that guy that comes on to the field to “pump up” the crowd before the game? He certainly doesn’t do it for me, and obviously had no impact on the crowd whatsoever. About 97 percent of the fans were laughing at him and the other 3 percent used that time to mix their drinks.

Stupid alterations to our pregame lineup like that are no good.

The “Red/Blue” chant is also terrible.

I’m not knocking the cheerleaders because they are the highlight of the chant.

Our cheerleaders and Rebelettes are great.

However, no one participates in the chant and its pretty comical to listen to how quickly the ones who do participate fade out during it. It takes about one “Red” and one “Blue” to get the fans back to their previous conversations.

The last new tradition that I will touch on is the “Jaws” theme song. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Landsharks.

Our defense is one of the best in the country and anything that represents that is okay by me. But playing the Jaws theme song 176 times in 60 minutes of football is not okay.

Play it in key 3rd down situations, that’s fine. But playing it before the game 20 times and twice on every defensive down is a little excessive.

We are not the Florida Gators, and as much as I wish our team was like theirs, I don’t think playing their song will fix that.

At Ole Miss we have many great traditions, like The Grove, the Walk of Champions, “Hotty Toddy,” the Alma Mater, dressing up for football games and the pre-game “Are You Ready?”

One of the greatest in my opinion is “From Dixie with Love” and celebrating America, and that should not be changed.

For those of you who didn’t know, we also have a tradition of having ridiculously
good-looking ladies attend our school.

In case you missed the CBS broadcast of the game this weekend, one of the men on the broadcast said something like, “let’s return to Oxford where they red shirt Miss Americas.”

That is something that I enjoy hearing as a fan and student.

Let’s stick with our great Ole Miss traditions and get rid of the horrible new ones.

Warren Masterson
Senior Biology Major