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Letter to the Editor: April 11, 2012


As a student at this so called great institution, where the University creed states “I believe in respect for the dignity of each person” and “I believe in personal and professional integrity,” I find it hard to believe that as  managing editors for The Daily Mississippian that you would allow such an offensive and insensitive cartoon to appear in the DM paper, April 4 edition. This university is known historically for it’s harsh treatment, racist beliefs and in justices toward African Americans.

At a time where this university is trying to progress and overcome it’s terrible reputation, this cartoon continues to fan the flame of racial tensions that exists at this university and across the nation. It seems as if the cartoon’s publisher and editors of The Daily Mississippian suffer from a serious lack of cognitive thinking and just good old common sense or human compassion. This cartoon portrays an Easter bunny (a fictional character) as a substitution for Trayvon Martin, a very real human being that was senselessly killed and is no longer able to defend himself. So I will.

This cartoon is not funny, not in good taste and lacks moral integrity. When those three fraternity guys died in that tragic accident last year, I don’t remember any cartoon picking humor at their deaths with some catchy caption. Trayvon Martin is dead, and he should be given the same respect and not have his death mocked. You all should feel ashamed.


Ms. Tisha Brown

Computer Science graduate student