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Letter to the Editor

In Response to Emma Willoughby's Nov. 12 article

Letter to the Editor,

First, let me commend Emma Willoughby for her in depth research and analysis on the effects of cigarettes. Bravo! Cigarettes are bad. We get it. However, the logic that I find faulty in Monday’s column, “Smoking out support for the ban,” is that Willoughby thinks that this choice should be left to the ASB, or the administration, rather than up to the individuals on campus, simply because cigarettes are bad. Willoughby pointed out that smoking can have disastrous effects on one’s body, tobacco companies lie, and blah blah blah. Great! She has made an excellent case for people to quit smoking. However, she has failed to show why each individual at Ole Miss does not have the right to make up his or her own mind. When Americans turn eighteen, we are considered to be adults, and thereby expected to make our own decisions concerning our bodies. If an individual would like to hurt his body by smoking, so be it. It is never up to another individual to decide how you should treat your body. This type of thinking is incredibly dangerous and threatens civil liberties across the board. Finally, I bring myself to second-hand smoke, the point that seems to stump most people on this issue. I find it incredibly hard to believe that this campus, with all of its collective knowledge, cannot find some sort of compromise on this issue. The previous policy was almost doomed to fail, with the largest smoking area on campus being directly in front of the library, one of the most walked areas of campus. I have to believe there is a better compromise out there. Even if smokers are confined to dark spaces behind buildings, the fact that a compromise will have been reached is worth celebrating over.

Lindsay Krout
Public policy leadership and political science junior