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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Bless the Law School Student Body and Richard Gershon, the Dean of The Law School! Quoting Summer Wigley, from her November 9th article, “The LSSB plans to have surveys and hold more forums to discuss...” the smoking ban and their proposals. A group of staff members that want to return to designated smoking areas has also been attempting to anonymously survey the staff. We began a hand written petition for everyone and have obtained hundreds of smoker and non-smoker, staff, students and faculty signatures, but it’s difficult gathering signatures manually and we’ve found that many staff members are afraid to sign anything that might affect their jobs. For months we have been asking for Staff Council’s help in conducting an on-line, again anonymous, poll, but have been thwarted every step of the way by not being aloud to discuss our proposal at their meetings. “Limited time” is always the reasoning, along with “Administration has already made up their minds.” Wish you good luck, as I hope you wish us!

Kathleen Harris
Bursar’s Office