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Letter to the Editor

Dear student body,

There is no doubt our university has gotten at least some bad PR from the anti-Obama protests the night of the Presidential election. Apologizing and making excuses for that very small minority of our students won’t prevent such incidents from happening again. I have no doubt there are groups of students on other campuses who felt the same way as the protesting students. However, one of the reasons they didn’t protest in an equally disgraceful manner is most likely because their campus’s culture pressures against such behavior. Because parts of the protest were caught on camera, many who were involved can be and should be held accountable by those who know them personally. They have a right to their opinions and speech, but we also have the right to call them out for such speech. I would encourage anyone who knows a person involved in that disgraceful protest to question his or her involvement and motives. Maybe, if students on this campus knew they would be held accountable for their actions, they might withhold their racist and disrespectful thoughts. Lets incentivize them to keep their hate to themselves.

Proud Ole Miss student,
Nolan McIntyre
Senior biology major