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Letter to the Editor

To the rioting racist students of Ole Miss,

I graduated from Ole Miss in 2006. I was very proud of the world-class, modern university that Ole Miss had become. I thought the racist stereotype we once embodied was a thing of the past, and have always been eager to move beyond what happened on our campus in 1962. Needless to say, I was very disturbed by what was being reported nationwide regarding some student’s behavior in response to the 2012 election results. Must you perpetually be on the wrong side of history? Must you constantly remind the entire nation how backwards Mississippi used to be, and apparently still is? Love him, or hate him, Obama is still our president, and we are still the United State of America. Your extremist and hateful attitude towards others that are different from yourself places you on the very same level of some of histories most despicable characters. We, the rest of the United States, are trying to move forward into a world of peace and tolerance, and your actions last night made me ashamed to have obtained my degree in the same institution that your bigotry and hatefulness resides.

Matthew Eidt
Class of 2006